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How to Walk Your Dog Like a Pro

Working as a dog walker is rewarding: you get to care for adorable pups and enjoy the outdoors while getting some steps in. But as with any profession, dog walkers need to have the right tools to do their jobs safely.

At Pet and Home Care, we provide Pet Care Team Training and Pet Pro Hero Training for our staff. In addition to these training protocols, our dog walkers use company-issued leash belts to ensure the pups are attached to them at all times.

But even if you don’t undergo formal pet sitting and safety training, there are a few basic steps you can take to make sure your dog walks are more fun, comfortable, and above all, safe!

  • Make sure all equipment fits snugly. This is to ensure that pets can’t wiggle out of their leashes or harnesses. But you don’t want to make it TOO tight. A good rule of thumb is to make sure you can comfortably slide your finger between the harness and your pet.
  • Ensure that ID tags are worn at all times. By law, when a dog is in a public place, it must wear a collar. But even if there wasn’t a law, tags are a common sense solution to help you reconnect with your dog if it ever goes missing.
  • Use a collar AND harness. Harnesses are a better choice for walking dogs because they don’t put pressure on the neck.
  • Stay connected with your pup. Use hands-free dog leashes or leash belts to make sure your dog can’t get away, even if you somehow drop the leash. These belts also offer the added benefit of relieving any strain off your hands, wrists, arms, and shoulders.
  • Avoid touching the dog’s collar and harness more than necessary. Some dogs are sensitive to their collars being touched and respond negatively while being touched in that area. Collars can also cause skin irritation even without excessive touching.
  • Make sure you have enough poop bags on hand to clean up waste. Plastic bags are one of the most common methods of cleaning up dog poop. You can reuse plastic grocery bags or buy a keychain attachment with biodegradable bags. This is the most convenient, hassle-free way to pick-up pet waste.

Keep Your Dog Happy, Even When You’re Away

Your life is busy, so of course, you can’t always be there 24/7 to care for your pup. Luckily at Pet and Home Care, your pets receive love and one-on-one attention while you’re away. We carefully select and train each of our team members to ensure they are genuinely dedicated and capable of providing you, your pets, and your home with the highest level of professional service.

As Pet and Home Care continue to grow, our team is hiring like crazy! If you or anyone you know is interested in joining the PHC team, please visit our Pet and Home Care careers page.