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How To Choose A Professional Pet Sitter

Leaving your pet at home? Use these guidelines to find a pet sitter who will love your furry friend like their very own!

Decide Which Care Option Is Best For You

In-home care is a great option for pet owners going out of town, however, it’s best to consider other options to find the solution that works best for you and your loyal companion. Boarding at a pet resort is best for active and social dogs, offering them a chance to get lots of outdoor playtime with other dogs. In-home visits are a good way for your pets to receive care in a more familiar and comfortable environment. Similarly, overnight visits ensure that your pets will be cared for throughout the night and receive extra attention. This is great for senior dogs and cats or pets with special needs. Give us a call at (301) PET-CARE to hear about our services and we’ll help you figure out the best care options for your fur baby.

Do your research!

What’s more reliable than reviews and testimonials from fellow pet owners? Check Angie’s List, Google, or Yelp! for reviews that detail other customers’ experiences with the sitter or company to know what you’re getting into. Numerous glowing reviews show trustworthiness and reliability and are a great way to gauge what your experience will be like with that company.

How often will they visit your home?

For in-home care, you will want to schedule services at one to five visits per day depending on your pet. Cats and dogs will need their food and water refreshed every day. Don’t forget that dogs may need extra time during visits for walks and cats will need to have their litter scooped every few days. Additional time for enrichment and play to prevent anxiety and boredom is a big bonus and your furry friend will thank you for it! We usually suggest no more than 3-5 hours in-between visits for most dogs.

Why You Should Always Hire A Professional Pet Sitter

There are many benefits to hiring a professional pet caretaker over a hobbyist. Professional pet caregivers are bonded and insured and should be employees, not independent contractors. Additionally, they should require all their clients to complete a service contract/customer intake form. You can be sure that they’ll know what they’re doing and act in a professional and trustworthy manner.

To learn more about Pet and Home Care’s team of dependable caretakers, check out Meet Our Team! Ready to schedule a professional pet sitter? Sign up here or call us anytime at (301) PET-CARE.