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Protect Your Pets With These Dental Health Tips

Did you know that by age three most cats and dogs develop dental disease? Dental disease is a painful condition that occurs when bacteria, tartar, and plaque build-up beneath the gum line. Not only can this cause major chronic pain for your furry friend, but the bacteria can be absorbed into their bloodstream causing damage to vital organs. Staying on top of your pets’ dental care is one of the best ways to prevent pain and disease. Giving a little extra attention to your furbaby’s teeth will not only reduce bad breath but the potential of developing a life-altering disease. Here are some of our top tips for combating dental disease in your pets!

Talk to your vet

If your pet is already at least a few years old, talk to your vet about the possibility of dental disease. For a proper diagnosis, x-rays are essential for seeing plaque that may be invisible to the naked eye. If your pet is diagnosed with dental disease, ask your vet for a personalized plan. Veterinarians can also perform a dental cleaning that is not unlike one you would receive at the dentist.

Brush their teeth!

Although it might seem like a hassle, brushing your dogs’ teeth could potentially save them from years of pain, and save you from paying for expensive surgeries down the line. Dog toothbrushes and flavored toothpaste make brushing your pooch’s pearly whites a breeze! (Note: you should never use normal toothpaste when brushing your pets’ teeth as they can contain ingredients that are harmful to animals!)

Treats and toys

Here’s something you AND your dog will love! Many owners give dogs dental chews or toys that work like a toothbrush, mechanically scrubbing their teeth as they chew. These can not only work as a treat but a supplementary measure to ensure good dental health. Dental chews and toys aren’t a replacement for toothbrushing, but they’re great at reaching the back of the mouth where dogs do most of their chewing.

Other supplements

Dental water additives can act as a supplementary measure to making sure your dog’s mouth is staying clean throughout the day. Simply add a small amount to your pup’s water bowl for a little extra freshness! Additionally, mouth sprays can be sprayed directly onto their teeth. Think of it like dog mouthwash!

At Pet and Home Care, we will gladly accommodate any dental care needs that your pets may have during boarding, visits, or overnight visits. Does your dog frequent our pet resort? Try adding on weekly teeth cleaning for $15.00! We offer tooth brushing and other bathing services. Give us a call today at (301) PET – CARE or visit our website to learn more about our services!