Show Your Pet You Love Them This Valentine’s Day


February 10, 2021

By Team Pet and Home Care

Love is in the air! Here are some creative ways to show your pet that you care about them this Valentine’s Day.

Sweet Treats!

Treat yourself and your pet to an extra goodie to show them just how sweet they are! Chocolate-covered strawberries are a quintessential Valentine’s sweet for us humans, but not so much for dogs. However, strawberries are a safe, dog-friendly treat that many pooches love! Simply dip a washed strawberry in some melted chocolate and refrigerate to set. Feel free to toss a non-chocolate covered berry to your pooch while you’re making them. As with all dog-friendly fruits, be sure to keep the portion size small as too much sugar can cause an upset stomach. 

Dress in festive colors!

Dressing in red and pink is just as cute on animals as it is on humans! A festive ribbon or bandana can be just the little touch of festive color your pet needs. An adorable Valentine’s Day photoshoot is a MUST! 

Surprise them with a gift!

Valentine’s Day may be the holiday of chocolate and flowers, but there is plenty of dog and cat-friendly indulgences your pet will adore! A special treat or massage will instantly show your pet how much you care. If your dog has been spending a little too much time stuck inside lately, try treating them to the gift of daycare! The Pet and Home Care Pet Resort is the perfect way to safely socialize your dog under the supervision of our pet care professionals. 

From all of us at Pet and Home Care, happy Valentine’s Day! Need last-minute V-day daycare or boarding? Give us a call at (301) PET-CARE

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