Nifty November

Thanksgiving is right around the corner! Reminder – we will be canceling regular Thursday visits on Nov 22. Please call or email us if you want to keep your visit on.

We have a new coupon this month! Please click our newsletter to get it and other holiday trips and info from Pet and Home Care!

Happy Holidays!!

Potomac Day 2012

Potomac Day was puurrfect this year! The weather was amazing, tons of families and dogs came out for the festivities, and we had a blast! We really enjoyed meeting new people in the community and seeing familiar faces.

Amazing August

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August has been a fabulously amazing month and we are so sad to see it come to an end. This whole summer has been so great and we are very thankful for our wonderful pet care team and fantastic clients and their pets!! Thanks for everything!

Reminder Monday is Labor Day and all of our normal Monday clients for visits and day care will be cancelled. If you still need your normal Monday visit please let us know ASAP. If you booked care specifically for this Monday September 3, you will be on as scheduled.

Summer Photo Album!

What a great summer we have had!!! Here are the latest pictures from our Pet Resort! The dogs sure have enjoyed playing with us and their friends!! Please leave comments about your dogs pictures!

Adoring April!

With April almost over, be sure to read our April newsletter
We have given a tribute to one of our first clients “Colby” who just passed away. We have also shared a kitty who needs a new home, and have continued our Spring Clean coupon!

Staff Party!

What a fantastic evening! We had most of our team get together for a fun night together. We filled our bellies while we shared stories about all the dogs, cats, birds, turtles, and fish we care for.

Our pet sitters truly care about and love all of the animals we take care of. Our team deeply enjoys their role as pet sitters and does everything possible to ensure the pets get lots of love and attention.

Thanks for completing our customer satisfaction survey!

Many of our clients took the time to fill out our survey. Please see a few of the great testimonials we received! Please keep the comments flowing, feel free to post here.

“We feel everyone on the staff is outstanding but we think the world of Kevin and Tiff. I was so touched by the concern, love and feeling they felt after we lost our darling Parker. I will always remember the kindness they extended to our family and Maggie. Thank you….”

I have one very complex hound (and one very easy going hound) and Michelle has been EXCEPTIONAL with my boys. I am so thankful to her for her patience and understanding in working with my boys. Consistency is paramount when working with my one hound and I appreciate Michelle’s ability to service our house regularly!

“Everyone has been great. Especially Tiffany. It’s a good feeling and secure feeling knowing when you have a pet sitter who is experienced and loves your pet when you travel, makes you feel confident they will take very good care of your dog and give him lots of love and attention. Also, when traveling, being able to contact the pet sitter to check on things is very very important too.”
-Beeje’s parents

“Amazing service
100% reliable
100% flexible
100% loving with a high maintenance dog”

“I just love Irakli and so did little Oreo. He always went above and beyond and was so good to my kitty. I hope he never leaves.”

“Our lab has a MAJOR crush on Sandy, all we have to do is say her name and he goes crazy looking for her. I am sure that there are others who care for Chance and do an amazing job, but he and Sandy are BFFs. ANd we really appreciate the great care the staff give to our dog. We never think one moment about his care and that is a great relief.”

“I love it when Shannon texts me to give me updates on Gingerbear. It is very stressful for me to be away from my “furchild” overnight, so I like getting updates. It really makes a difference! I also like knowing she is able to handle walking Ginger, who is very reactive around other dogs. Shannon is great!”

“Tyler does a great job walking the dogs. They are very happy!”

“I have had staff water our exterior plants when we were away and everything looked great when we returned.”
-Brooks Family

“Gail and Jeannine are so enthusiastic when they walk our dog. She just loves being with them and we love coming home to their notes.”

“Home cleaning is fabulous!”

“I am currently using the Home Cleaning service and I don’t know what I would do without Herminia’s wonderful work.”

“We had Jeannine for the first time our last trip and she left detailed notes and was able to give one of the cats some attention (he can be territorial or standoffish at times), which I really liked.”

“Yes, your home cleaning is wonderful!”

“Gail just left me a gift of wrapping paper with pugs on it. She saw it at a store and thought of my pugs. Very thoughtful and much appreciated.”
– Steve

“These three have been great with the dogs; Rhonda has known them for years and she handles them with no effort at all! Gail is new but clearly enjoys them, and Irakli was very good in the dog sitting when we needed it.”

“Irakli is great – leaves detailed notes and has called in the past to let me know how the kitties were doing.”

“They have all been great, but, I don’t remember who they were! I know that Jen and Melissa has been here!”

“Karen is absolutely outstanding. Not only does she take excellent care of my pets but goes above and beyond. She is just wonderful!”

“My pet loves to go to daycare and/or boarding and is well cared for, very happy, and tired out (that’s good).”

“Only deal directly with Kevin and his is exceptional. Absolutely love the notes the staff provides.”

“Everyone is awesome! Kevin has really went out of his way for me especially with regards to my Maxwell and his medical emergencies. I truly do appreciate all that he does for my babies.”