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Home Care Without Pets

Making Sure All’s Well on the Homefront

Pet and Home Care offers regular or as-needed in-home security checks and general home maintenance for your peace of mind.

Ideal For:

Our team is there for you while you’re on vacation, have an empty home for sale, or you’re not available for a scheduled delivery or home service appointment. In addition to security checks, we’ll perform basic maintenance tasks to guarantee things don’t fall apart while you’re away.

Home Care Info


Your home


7 days a week



$22 and up

What You Can Expect from Home Care Without Pets

Mix and match to fit your needs! Pet and Home Care’s team members can:

Meet home repair or delivery person

Bring in mail/ newspapers/packages and ship important items to you
Water plants
Flush toilets, run water in sinks, showers, and tubs, and check for plumbing failures and flooding

Monitor for pests, storm damage, and tripped breakers

Change settings on heater or air conditioner

Run cars to prevent battery dying

Rotate lights and blinds

Take out or bring in trash and recycling
Ensure doors/windows locked