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Comprehensive Insight into Pet and Home Care: Your Top Questions Answered

With today’s fast-paced lifestyle, it’s not always easy to ensure that your beloved pets receive all the adequate care they need. Pet and Home Care, a reliable and professional pet and home service provider, understands these challenges and is here to help.

Signing Up

First-time clients can enjoy a hassle-free sign-up process by creating an account HERE. To familiarize us with your pet’s needs and home environment, we offer a FREE meet-and-greet with your selected pet sitter.

Services Offered

Apart from providing personalized in-home services such as walks, feedings, water changes, and companionship for all types of friendly pets, Pet and Home Care prides itself in offering a selection of home services. These include cleaning, house checks, house sitting, and beyond.

If you’re away, our reliable pet sitters offer in-home overnight care, ensuring your pet’s routine is maintained. Moreover, we operate a Dog Resort in Clarksburg, offering services like doggy daycare, dog boarding, bathing, and nail trimming. We even offer overnights with around-the-clock care in your home or at our kennel.

Home Access

To ensure your home’s safety, we suggest clients set up home access through lockboxes, door codes, garage codes, or hidden on-site key locations. If these options aren’t possible, we will securely manage two copies of your keys at our office.

Setting Up Visits

Pet and Home Care offers flexible visit timings between 7 AM to 9 PM, seven days a week. The exact time within the 2 to 3-hour window chosen cannot be guaranteed due to unpredictable delays. However, pets with special needs and puppies are offered a limited one-hour window service. Our Pet Resort is open from 7 AM to 7 PM daily, even on holidays.

Booking Policies

We understand your dynamic lifestyle, which is why we accept bookings based on your needs. Whether it’s a recurring weekly schedule, last-minute, or monthly schedule, we’ve got your tail covered. However, last-minute bookings come with a fee, and all booking requests should be done online or via email for accuracy. Services on major holidays come with an added 30% fee. Check out our blog on preparing your home for a pet sitter for a simple checklist for peace of mind!

Dog Resort Services

While our resort is open to friendly, non-aggressive dogs who are updated on vaccinations, certain breed restrictions apply to ensure every pet’s safety. Besides, pets enjoy access to our vast fenced-in yard with lots outdoor time each day.


Pet and Home Care maintains a 24-hour cancellation policy and offers different invoicing modes for regular clients and those who schedule as needed. All pet sitters and daycare attendants are bonded and insured employees of PHC. For your pet’s safety during winter conditions, outdoor time may be reduced, but indoor play and care are ensured. Clients are requested to keep pathways clear of ice and snow, and provide jackets or sweaters for their pets.

Our Guarantee

With Pet and Home Care, you are assured professional, reliable, and affectionate care for your pets and your home. We are continually aiming to surpass your expectations and offer a money-back guarantee for unsatisfactory service. Let us offer you peace of mind through our exceptional and dedicated service.

To get started, contact us at (301) PET-CARE or drop an email to We are here to make your life easier, one pet service at a time.

Remember, optimal pet care is just one phone call away!