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What It Takes to Build a Successful Pet Business with Tiffany Lewis

In the world of business, hiring new talent can be a daunting task that comes with mixed emotions for many entrepreneurs. However, it doesn’t have to be the colossal, nerve-wracking endeavor it’s often perceived to be. In a recent episode of the “Bella in Your Business: Pet Industry Business Podcast,” Tiffany Lewis, the owner of Pet and Home Care, shares her incredible journey of building a team of over 50 employees and provides valuable insights on hiring new talent. From overcoming challenges to creating a strong company culture, Tiffany’s experience is truly inspiring for pet business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs.

Challenges Faced in Hiring and Transitioning

Tiffany opened up about her experience transitioning from independent contractors to full-fledged employees back in the early 2000s. She highlighted the challenges she faced during this transition, such as finding the right people who met her requirements and vetting them effectively. However, Tiffany quickly realized the benefits of hiring employees, which provided her and her team with more protection and loyalty.

Formalizing the Hiring Process and Employee Benefits

One significant aspect of Tiffany’s success in hiring new talent is having a formalized hiring process. In her early days, she admitted to “hacking it together” and training employees based on a few requirements. However, she has now developed a more thorough training and onboarding process that includes online and in-person training. This structured approach ensures that the right candidates are selected and bring higher quality to her team.

Building a Strong Company Culture

Creating a strong company culture is crucial for any business, and Tiffany highlighted its importance. She mentioned trying different approaches, such as having offices and working without offices. However, the pandemic made her realize the importance of her team working together and feeling like a united group. By fostering a positive work environment and encouraging teamwork, Tiffany has built a strong company culture that attracts and retains top talent.

Taking Care of the Team

Tiffany believes that taking care of employees goes beyond just monetary compensation. She ensures that her team feels supported and valued by providing structured onboarding, benefits, and opportunities for growth. By creating a healthy workplace and being a supportive boss, Tiffany has created a sense of loyalty and dedication among her employees.

Hiring new talent for your pet business doesn’t have to be an overwhelming task. By learning from Tiffany Lewis‘ journey, pet business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs can gain valuable insights into building a successful team. From formalizing the hiring process to creating a strong company culture, Tiffany’s approach sets a great example for hiring new talent and maximizing business growth.

Listen to the full podcast episode on the “Bella in Your Business: Pet Industry Business Podcast” to gain more in-depth knowledge and practical tips from Tiffany Lewis, the owner of Pet and Home Care.