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The Pleasant Pet Hemp Oil

Pet and Home Care, Washington Metropolitan’s most award-winning pet care company, introduces The Pleasant Peta full-spectrum hemp oil that provides natural relief for common ailments endured by pets including pain, anxiety, arthritis, seizures, allergies, skin conditions, digestive issues, and sundowner syndrome, a cognitive degeneration disorder in senior dogs.

Natural Remedy

Free of pesticides and herbicides and responsibly farmed, The Pleasant Pet uses premium quality hemp flower grown locally in Maryland and produced and formulated by Fingerboard Farm. The Pleasant Pet is available for purchase and shipping nationwide HERE via Pet and Home Care.

The Pleasant Pet Beginnings

The Pleasant Pet is a product born out of necessity and made with love. When Pet and Home Care founder, Tiffany Lewis, struggled to find a safe alternative to a veterinarian-prescribed anxiety medication—which had caused a terrible and frightening physical reaction for her Shih Tzu, Millie—she turned to research to find a solution. Tiffany spoke with her mother, Dawn Gordon, who spent years studying hemp and now operates one of Maryland’s first woman-owned hemp farms, Fingerboard Farm. Dawn reminded her of the overwhelming research showing the benefits and safety of CBD and hemp oil for animals (and humans!) and Tiffany knew it was a match. But then came a second problem: overwhelmed with choices online, where could she find a product that she truly trusted for her own beloved Millie? At that moment, a magical lightbulb flipped on and the idea of producing her very own, high-quality, safe hemp oil for pets was born.

Collaboration with Fingerboard Farm

After months of research and collaboration with the Fingerboard Farm, and with the chief goal of health and safety at the forefront, the team formulated the purfect blend. To ensure she was on the right track, Tiffany even provided a limited run to her friends and family and welcomed their feedback. Featuring just four central ingredientsorganic cold-pressed hemp seed oil, broad-spectrum hemp oil, sunflower lecithin, and a proprietary blend of terpenesThe Pleasant Pet provides a natural remedy to help pets feel their best.

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