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Get Your Pet Moving During Pet Fitness Month!

April is Pet Fitness Month so we’re sharing some helpful tips for keeping your pets in shape! Pet obesity is an increasingly common ailment amongst cats and dogs and the best remedy (along with a vet-approved weight loss diet) is exercise! While many of us love our chubby cats and dogs, obesity can cause pain, lack of mobility, and lethargy in pets. Overweight and obese pets are also more at risk to develop cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and osteoarthritis. With this in mind, here are our top tips for getting your pet moving this month and beyond!

Make It A Game!

While many dogs love to fetch for hours on end, others are a tougher sell. Toys and other rewards like treats can motivate pets to play and exercise. Try out different toys with your cat or dog to see what they like and match games to their interest. For instance, terriers may prefer tug of war while border collies or Australian shepherds may be inclined towards frisbee fetch. Cats can be even more variable in their interests, so rewarding play with a gentle massage or a treat can be a great motivator.

Explore the Outdoors

The spring and summer months are the perfect time to take your dog (or cat!) outdoors to explore. Try out any of the numerous hiking and walking trails around the Maryland capital region with your pet. Not only will it help them stay in shape, it offers an enriching experience for their mind. Pets who spend a lot of time indoors can become bored or anxious if not provided with enough stimulation. Hiking is a great way to eliminate boredom and encourage exercise, while creating a bonding experience between you and your pet.

Dog Daycare

Going back to work soon? Try sending your canine to doggy daycare. Not only will they make new friends and get all-day attention from loving caretakers, daycare is a great way to get your pup outside and running around all day. Give us a call at (301) PET – CARE to hear more about our pawsome daycare and dog taxi service. For the busy pet parent we also offer walk and in-home visits!