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The Definitive Howliday Pet Care Guide

“How do I keep my pets out of the presents?” “My cat won’t stop climbing the Christmas tree!” “Is turkey safe for dogs?” We’re answering all your howliday pet care questions in one place!

My dog loves to open Christmas presents! What should I do?

The simplest answer to this problem is of course to hide the gifts until they are ready to be opened. However, for many in small apartments, there isn’t always extra space to keep wrapped presents hidden away. In this case, training your dog to ignore the presents or distracting them with other toys could do the trick. Boredom can often lead dogs to destructive behaviors so getting them to run around outside is a great way to get them to settle down. Better yet, try out doggy daycare! Daycare is the best way for your pooch to play all day with their puppy pals and return home dog tired and happy. Want to try it out? Mention this howliday guide to receive two daycare services from Pet and Home Care for the price of one at our Pet Resort!*

What holiday foods are safe for pets to eat?

Your dog will no doubt be begging for a taste of the holiday feast but before you hand over a little slice of ham, be sure to know what is safe for them to have! Most common seasonings and spices can be harmful to dogs (onions, garlic, sugar, salt) so make sure whatever you give your dog is plain and unseasoned. While plain turkey is fine for dogs, hams are usually full of sugar and salt making them a bad treat for your pup. More good foods for your dog include plain pumpkin, sweet potato, carrots, and green beans. And when all else fails, stick to dog food and pet treats.

Are mistletoe and poinsettia safe to have around pets?

Both poinsettia and mistletoe are toxic for dogs and cats. If ingested, they will lip smack, drool, and shake their heads excessively. It’s best to keep these plants out of reach completely or opt for artificial plants.

How do I keep my cat from climbing in the Christmas tree?

There are several measures you can take to prevent a cat from using your Christmas tree as a playground (and potentially creating a huge mess for you in the process!). Cats are sensitive to certain smells which can encourage them to stay away from your tree. Check out this cat repellant spray formulated with bitter scents your cat will be inclined to stay away from. Another method for keeping your feline friend from making “the climb” involves wrapping the base of your tree in aluminum foil, which cats dislike the sensation of walking on. You can drape the base of the tree with a festive tree skirt to mask the foil. If your cat just can’t shake their itch to climb, consider buying a cat tree. Cat trees offer a place to climb, scratch, and lounge that doesn’t involve toppling your Christmas tree!

Should I get my kid a pet for the holidays?

Pets are a big responsibility. You should put a lot of thought and planning into deciding whether or not to get an animal companion. Giving a pet as a gift may sound like a fun idea, but that gift is a living animal that will be with you for the next ten to twenty years. Make sure your family can handle a new addition, adoption fees, vet bills, pet care, and time that goes into caring for them. It’s best to avoid impulse when deciding whether to get a new pet. If you and your family have already discussed and planned on getting a new pet, this could be a great opportunity to surprise them and make the holidays extra special! And don’t forget: Pet and Home Care has your tail covered with puppy care, cat care, and more!

The holidays are a time of joy and cheer but they can just as easily be stressful and exhausting. Whether you need to distract your little present-muncher with a walk or board your pup while visiting family out of town, Pet and Home Care is here to help you get through the howlidays stress-free. Whatever you need from us during this time, we will do our absolute best to have all your bases covered. Please feel free to inquire about our many services including overnight pet sitting, dog training, and adventure walks. Contact us at (301) PET-CARE or visit our website at


*This offer only applies to new daycare clients. Offer expires 1/31/2021.