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Manager Spotlight & Promotion! Congratulations Kira!

Manager Spotlight & Promotion!
Congratulations Kira!
Time flies when you are having fun! It’s hard to image life before Kira joined the PHC team five years ago. After years of dedication as a PHC manager, I’m proud to announce Kira has been promoted to Director Of Operations! We created this special title just for her since she does more than just manage, she fills many shoes and we wanted her title to reflect this.
She has been leading the pack for the last 5 years and we are so excited to see what the next 5 years brings. Thank you for everything Kira! The clients, team, and I love you!
Organic Made-To-Order CBD Treats!
Exiting news from my mom’s hemp farm and market! She is now selling CBD pet treats! My mom, Dawn Gordon, has an incredible business called Fingerboard Farm and Market in Ijamsville, MD. She has an artisan line of farm and hemp products.
One of her most popular items are her specialty CBD pet treats. They are hand crafted and filled with goodness from organic artisan ingredients. CBD is commonly used to help relieve anxiety and stress, as an anti-inflammatory and for pain relief.
Each treat contains approximately 7 mgs of high quality CBD and are packed with protein from our freshly-laid farm eggs and organic peanut butter. Vitamins and mineral rich from organic applesauce, pumpkins, and MCT coconut oil.
Order today and use promo code PHC5 to get $5 off your first bag! All treats are made-to-order and don’t contain any preservatives. Give your pet the gift of wellness!
She sells more than just CBD treats too! Check out her online store to learn more and browse her other artisanal farm and hemp products.
Follow her on Facebook and Instagram too!
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