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Book Your Summer & Fourth of July Services!

Book Your Summer & Fourth of July Services!
The sun is out and summertime is finally underway! Whether its vacation or school breaks, Pet and Home Care is here to help all season long!

Independence Day is one of our busiest holidays and our schedule fills up quickly, so please don’t wait to book your services. Want to give your pet a vacation too? Reserve your pooch’s spot at our safe and clean Pet Resort for fun-in-the-sun puppy play all day. No pet? No problem, book Pet and Home care to stop by for a home check to water plants, rotate lights and bring in your mail.

We understand the warm temperatures can bring unexpected weather and travel delays, if you’re in a pinch don’t hesitate to call us. We will always do our best to accommodate our client’s needs!

Schedule services today!

Protect Pets From Fleas, Ticks & Heartworm!

Pets should be on an effective veterinary-recommended flea and tick protection product, and it’s even more important to be extra vigilant in the summer to keep these nasty critters at bay.

Fleas: There’s no faster way to dampen a summer break than with a flea infestation. Their bites can cause itchy, red bumps that lead to excessive scratching and irritated skin, making both you and your pet miserable. Maintain a regular grooming schedule to keep an eye on potential infestations.

Ticks: Widespread through North America in grass and wooded areas, ticks transmit diseases that are very dangerous to people and pets. Click here for the CDC’s recommended steps for tick removal.

Heartworms: Most common on the East Coast, heartworm disease is life-threatening to animals. These parasitic worms are spread through mosquito bites and can cause severe organ damage or death. Discuss with your vet about the best products for your pet to prevent heartworm disease. Learn more about heartworm from the FDA here.

June Is Adopt-A-Shelter-Cat Month!

Are you thinking about adding a furry new friend to your family? June is Adopt-A-Shelter-Cat month and the purrrfect time to save the life of a kitty in need. Here are some things you should know before adding a feline friend to your crew.

Consider your lifestyle and personality traits to find a kitty you mesh well with. If you’re more laidback and mellow, consider an adult cat rather than a young kitten.

Patience is key. Cats can be slow to adjust to their new environments more so than dogs. While you give your pal time to settle into her new home, it may be best to confine her to a single room in the beginning to establish a sense of security.

If you are unable to adopt but will want to support, there are plenty of ways to get involved. Donate to your local shelter, share adoption opportunities on social media, volunteer your time at a rescue group or even sign up to be a foster parent.

Together, we can save them all!