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Book Your Memorial Day Weekend Services!

Pet and Home Care proudly honors our fallen servicemen and servicewomen this Memorial Day.

Memorial Day Weekend with Pet and Home Care
Memorial Day is Monday, May 28th , but don’t wait to book your services! Pet and Home Care is available over the holiday weekend for walks, in-home visits and pet boarding at our Resort in Clarksburg, MD. Taking your furry friend with you over the holiday? We can stop by your home to check mail, water plants and rotate lights—keeping security risks at bay.

We understand that last minute trips can pop up unexpectedly, so don’t hesitate to give us a call. We will always do our best to accommodate our clients needs!

Schedule services today!

May Is Pet Cancer Awareness Month!

May Is Pet Cancer Awareness Month!As pet owners, we do everything we can to keep our beloved animals happy and healthy, but sadly cancer is the #1 disease-related killer of dogs and cats. Here are some common symptoms, early warning signs and tips for prevention.

An Enlarged or Changing Lump: A lump on your pet that is changing shape or texture quite rapidly should be biopsied by a vet immediately.

Chronic Weight Loss: If you notice your pet is losing weight and he hasn’t been put on a diet, it could be an indicator of cancer or serious illness. Take your pet to checked as soon as possible.

Chronic Vomiting or Diarrhea: Chronic and unexplained vomiting or diarrhea suggests serious gastrointestinal issues, like a tumor. You may need to have your pet undergo an ultrasound, radiograph, or endoscopy to find the cause of the problem.

Wellness Checks: Taking your pet to the veterinarian for a wellness check every year or 6 months is vital in disease and cancer prevention.

Click here for additional information on Pet Cancer Awareness Month.

Welcome Everett Lewis!

Pet and Home Care Founder, Tiffany Lewis, and her husband Aaron are thrilled to announce the birth of their first child, Everett Paxton Lewis! Everett was born in Los Angeles at 10:30 in the morning on April 27th, weighing just over 6 pounds!

Mom, Dad & Baby are doing purrrfectly!