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Don’t Forget To Make Arrangements For Your Pet This Summer!


Enjoy a guilt free vacation

For many animal owners, leaving a pet behind while on vacation can be stressful. In addition to our boarding service, we also provide In-Home Pet Visits as well, which allows your animals to relax at home while you travel guilt free! We’ll visit your furry friend to feed, walk, play and clean up any messes. We also offer additional piece of mind while your away by managing some basic home maintenance such as plant watering, mail collection and more. So go and have yourself a great time. We will be here to make sure that your pet gets all the love and attention it needs!

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Hot pavement hurts everyone’s feet…even your dog’s!

dog-hot-pavementBeware of hot pavement when walking your dog this summer to avoid causing damage to their paws!

Imagine walking barefoot on pavement on a hot summer day. Not fun, right? While dogs may love going out for long walks during the warm summer months, it’s important to be sure that you avoid too much exposure to hot pavement. The heat can cause burns to their paws that can be very painful. For the sake of your own feet and the feet of your dogs, try to keep to grassy or shady areas!

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Everybody knows that pets make the best companions!

dog-oceanPets have been proven to help elderly adults reduce stress, stay active and improve quality of life!

For seniors, the benefits of owning a pet are unmatched. Pets enable their owners to stay active, create a daily routine and reduce stress. Most importantly, perhaps, is companionship. For those elderly adults who are living on their own, a pet is the perfect way to prevent loneliness and solitude.

Learn more about the benefits of elderly pet ownership.

Pets are not for everybody though. That’s why at Pet and Home Care we have developed our Home & Companion Care service. We provide a friend for your elderly loved one when you can’t be there. We’ll keep them company while we take care of some of the basic house chores and errand running as well. Make sure your family member always has a friend!

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