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Can You Believe August Is Winding Down?

The summer is flying by! Please be sure to book any care ASAP to guarantee our availability, as services are booking up fast. Simply log into your customer account to request any care and update instructions, rather than leaving instructions in your home. Help us do a great job by ensuring instructions are accurate, clear, and to the point. We want to focus on giving your pets the best care possible!

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Cooling off During the Dog Days of Summer

Man's best friend cooling down in the pool!One of the best things about summer is cooling off with a nice swim, especially if you can have a swimming buddy!

If you live near a dog-friendly lake or beach, or if you have a backyard pool, you should definitely encourage your dog to join you for a swim. But you may want to teach her a few basic lessons first, especially if she has never been swimming before.

Teach your pup to swim with these simple instructions.

Do You Have Friends With Pets?

Our referral program is perfect for you!

For every customer that signs up, the referring customer gets a $22 statement credit. And get this: we have unlimited credits available! Let your friends, coworkers, and family know. We take care of our East Coast community from Northwest DC to Frederick, Maryland.Discover how we can help you and your community.

Is Giving Your Pet Ice Cream Worth It?

Dog eating ice cream coneI scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream…well, maybe not all of us.
While it likely won’t do any serious damage, professional veterinarians do not recommend sharing your cold, sugary treat with your furry friends. Occasional licks can be justified, but refrain from buying that extra “puppy cone,” if only to prevent your dog from the delayed fatigue, and your carpets from the even more delayed reaction…
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