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Ardent April from Pet and Home Care!



Ardent April


Mother’s Day and Memorial Day are upcoming in May. If you plan to take a trip or make a date, be sure to book with Pet and Home Care before it’s too late! Services are filling up fast as summer approaches; Be proactive and ensure that your furry family members are having fun with PHC!

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For millennia, Man’s Best Friend has trekked alongside our ancestors in perfect harmony. On this journey that spans 30,000 years and beyond, our four-legged friends have accomplished feats unparalleled by other animals, developing a keen ear and eye that perseveres in step with humankind. There blossomed thousands of years of compassion, loyalty and good old fashioned fun!

In the 21st century, man’s best friend is also man’s greatest ally, specializing in everything from being a professional couch potato, to patrolling runways, to helping detect cancer and alert and prevent diabetic issues! Check out these three awesome ways dogs are helping us shape a better future:

RUNWAY PATROL DOG – Piper, an adorably tenacious 7 year old border collie, is employed at a Michigan airport to help deter animals from congregating on runways and ultimately creating safety hazards.

Airports are required to provide some sufficient form of protection from the various hazards of curious wildlife and they usually achieve this by employing pyrotechnics, traps and sirens, but dogs are apparently the most effective way to ward of unwanted critters and this cool little collie can attest to that! Read more at Travel and Leisure.

DIABETES ALERT DOGS – Dogs have a very attuned sense of smell; with over 220 million olfactory receptors, dogs can use their noses to detect changes in blood sugar levels! With professional training, a diabetic’s canine counterpart is able to alert friends and family members when blood sugar levels drop or rise, helping to ensure the vigilance necessary to regulate this deadly disease.

CANCER DETECTION – Not only can dogs smell the differences in blood sugar levels, research shows that they can use their snouts to determine whether or not patients potentially have cancer as well! Malignant tissues release chemicals that have a different aroma, allowing dogs to pinpoint whether or not various DNA samples are cancerous or cancer free.

Learn more about the multiple ways dogs are leading the way in the fight against cancer, diabetes and other medical issues at WebMD!


pahc-april-05-dogLYME SEASON
With summer approaching, ticks will be on the prowl and that means the risk of Lyme disease! Be sure to take the proper preventative measures to ensure that your little guys and gals avoid getting it.
  1. Utilize parasite preventatives like sprays, ointments and oral medicine.
  2. Get Lyme disease vaccinations!
  3. Examine your pets for ticks on a daily basis and
  4. Use a tick key to remove any unwanted creepy crawlers!
  5. Be aware of the symptoms: enlarged lymph nodes, fever, leg lameness, inappetence




pahc-april-06-dog-manLOCAL VOLUNTEERING
It’s no secret that our pets provide an unlimited supply of affection and solidarity, so it’s only appropriate that we seek out their company to show us a good time and liven up the party. If your pup is well behaved in social environments, volunteering is a great way to get out, have fun and spread the cheer!
Alfred House Elder Care is looking for some friendly pups to come out and spend some time with residents at their 9 senior assisted living homes throughout Montgomery County, Maryland!
If you have a friendly dog and some free time on your hands, contact Karen Jackson-Knight, the activity director, at 301-260-2080to set up a visit!