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Merry March from Pet and Home Care!




Merry March!pahc-march-03-cat

Taking a break for the Spring? Getting off your keister and packing the keister for Easter? Get an early start; this year, it’s in March!

Availability for the various services we offer is filling up fast with Easter on the way. Visit Pet and Home Care to book a stay! For in-home visits, overnight sitting, boarding and daycare, email, call, or visit our customer portal to book as soon as possible and relax, knowing that your pets’ fun and safety is in good hands!

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pahc-march-04-dogAlas, the flowers are blooming, the sun is shining and the grass is glowing in brighter greens than you’ve seen for the past five months. Ah, spring is in the air! Buddy can hear the birds chirping, the breeze rustling trees, the joggers pattering away at the pavement and the squirrels scampering up the trees to safety (oh, the sweet squirrels)! Don’t let allergy season hold you back; He wants in!

Of course, everything may LOOK gorgeous and inviting, but you’re worried about all those inconveniences-the bees, the bugs, the baking sun. We get it; but that’s no excuse! Break out the SP-50 and Off, we’ve got a few fun activities for you and your little guys that they’re bound to appreciate you for:


Easter is approaching; what better way to celebrate than a bit of family bonding with a good ol’ game of scavenger hunts? Renowned animal behaviorist Dr. Sophia Yin provides an awesome exercise that not only engages your little guys in the festivities but provides some training exercises as well!


Like the idea of a scavenger hunt but craving something a little more festive for EasterSunday? Put a little twist on the activities by dying your eggs any color but yellow, green or red! Yes, boiled eggs are fine for Fido as long as you make sure to peel them first (warning: beware of the impending flatulence)! Better yet, you can fill plastic eggs with your pet’s favorite treat or canned food and let them sniff every innocuous oval out!


Sniffing out treat-filled Easter eggs is a great way to engage your pet’s nose. The rewards of a mentally and physically stimulating activity like that are plentiful! In fact, there are a multitude of aromas to be whiffed this time of year and that’s bound to be a topic of interest for your furbabies. Dogs put over 200 million olfactory sensors to use, versus our measly five million. They rely on their snouts much more than we do, from greetings to warning signals to their equivalent of an email. Signing up for a scent tracking class could work wonders on their focus, confidence and overall mental and physical health!

Healthy Help



You hear the rhetoric everywhere: spay and neuter! At the surface, we see the rampant problems revolving around the overpopulation of stray cats and dogs. Shelters are crowded and innocent animals are reaching an untimely demise.
This alone should be enough to encourage any responsible adult to take the proper preventative steps. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always resonate. Still, it’s important to spread awareness and inform the benefits of fixing your pets.
Apart from stabilizing the shelter epidemic, a range of health benefits also highlight the pros of spaying and neutering your pets:



pahc-march-06-catSPRING CLEANING

Spring is springing which means cleaning! This March, take some time to treat your pets’ to a refresher of their own. From Nylabones to beds to crates, your pet’s belongings are bathing in bacteria. They’re thriving in the unattended cesspool like lavish little kings of filth.
If Buddy had thumbs, he’d take on the task himself, but he doesn’t so he needs your help! Of course, it’s always important to take the proper precautions when approaching deep cleaning. Certain disinfectants don’t mix will with your little ones.
Here are some helpful spring cleaning tips specifically aimed at maintaining your pets’ belongings without harming them: