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Fervent February


Late night for the date night? Want your furbabies to have a companion too? Rest assured, Pet and Home Care will be there!

Availability for the various services we offer is filling up fast! If you need a “nanny” for a special night out with your paramour, PHC is at the door! For in-home visits, overnight sitting, boarding and daycare, email, call, or visit our customer portal to book as soon as possible and relax, knowing that your pets’ fun and safety is in good hands!

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Protect Your Heart

feb-newsletter-img-2Mama always said life was like a box of chocolates–full of dangers detrimental to your pets! The irony behind holidays aimed at celebrating the joys of life and the ones you love is that they’re almost exclusively unsafe for those nearest and dearest to your heart–your pets. Valentine’s Day is no exception.
When you think of the approaching festivities, you imagine seas of red, clouds of pink, the twinkling eyes of a passer-by as they cling close to a bunch of roses, a shiny red heart-shaped box and a brigade of helium balloons fluttering behind in pursuit. But can you see it? Under that facade of merriment, can you spot the hazards threatening the very well-being of those you love most–the cardiac arrest in fudge-filled chocolate balls, the kidney failure behind that adorable assortment of flowers?

It’s time to take off those rose-colored shades and stop sugar-coating that special day. At this point, every dog owner is aware that chocolate is toxic, but it’s never too late for a reminder. The thing is, chocolate isn’t the only culprit! From lilies to xylitol to candles and even ribbons wrapped neatly around your gifts, the safety hazards are literally everywhere. Keep calm and carry on though; we’ve compiled some links to prepare you for that special day. Don’t stand by. Protect your heart:

Dangers of dogs vs. chocolate explained: answers from Hill’s Pet and PetMD

Lilies and kitties don’t mix! answers from Pet Poison Helpline and

Xylitol? What’s that, where is it and why do I need to be concerned? Answers from VCA Animal Hospitals

Now that you know what to avoid, here are a few helpful reads for Valentine’s Day:

7 tips from PeoplePets
PPH top 3 toxins
4 tips from PetFirst

We know what you’re thinking, though. You would love to give your sweeties sweets on Valentine’s day! Who wouldn’t? Don’t worry, there ARE safe, delicious alternatives and the creative minds behind doggy desserts have got you covered! Visit Dogvills for some fun, festive foods you can make for your boos.

Local Opportunities

Henry is a 4 year old fox terrier that loves promoting his aroma on the local street posts and shrubbery. His hobbies include barking at bikers, harassing random strangers for pets, playing fetch, shaking throw pillows, rolling in raunchy smells and chasing tail.

Hey, pet lovers. Are you single and ready to mingle… with a new furry friend? Here at Plentyofpups, there’s a cat, dog, bird and even a hog that’s the perfect match for you. Utilize our wonderful service to find that forever friend.

Yeah, right; we’re only kidding, but we wish love was that simple. Gifting a pet isn’t always the best idea, but if you’re looking for a new, lifelong buddy, Wags and Walks is an awesome local shelter where you can adopt the most adorable little guys and gals!


First aid and CPR

CPR and first aid are very valuable tools necessary for saving your pets’ lives in the event of an emergency. Every pet owner should have some basic knowledge when it comes to facing serious situations that may arise in your every day life. Accidents happen and, sometimes, danger is unavoidable.

Having the confidence to recognize these events–from bloating to seizures to allergic reactions–and take action can mean the difference between your pet’s life and timely access to professional help.

We strongly encourage every pet owner to equip themselves with this information to ensure their little one’s safety. Classes are a great way to learn everything you can about first aid. Healthy Paws provides a variety of helpful educational courses.