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Four Reasons To Be Thankful for Your Pet

The Thanksgiving holiday is all about spending time with the ones we love and appreciating what we have. For many of us, this appreciation extends to our four-legged friends. As you reflect on what your pet means to you this holiday, we’ve compiled a list of four reasons we are incredibly thankful for our pets.

Pets provide unconditional love

Pets accept us for who we are without any judgments or ultimatums. Our dogs won’t stop hanging out with us because they made a new best friend who’s more relaxed than us or gives better treats. Our pets greet us like we’ve been gone for five years, even if it’s been only five minutes. Whether you’ve had a long day at work or you’re coming home from a quick errand, nothing beats the love of your pet waiting to meet you there happily at the door.

Pets offer unparalleled companionship

Pets make fantastic friends and companions because they are masters in loyalty and endless love. It’s nearly impossible to be lonely when you have a devoted pet by your side! Our furry pals are always there, on good days or bad. Whether we need a snuggle buddy, walking buddy, or a good laugh, we can count on our dogs to be there when we need them.

Pets keep us healthy and active

Whether we know it or not, our favorite furry pals support our healthy minds and bodies. Studies have shown that owning a pet can help reduce heart rates, blood pressure, and stress. Pets also improve our lives by granting endless physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual benefits. Dog parenting can especially help to promote an active lifestyle. Walking your dog for just half an hour a day, for example, can also relieve stress or reduce your risk of developing cardiovascular disease.

Pets give us purpose

No matter where you are on your walk of life, everyone needs a sense of purpose. Our four-legged friends do just that! Giving a pet a happy and healthy life and a comfortable and safe home meets our basic human instinct to nurture. And having the responsibility of taking care of an animal gives you a strong sense of importance that reaps endless rewards!

Let’s be thankful for each other!

As fun as being a pet parent, it’s even more fun to share the experience with others. There’s always a kinship that pet parents feel, whether it’s meet-ups at the dog park, the moments of empathy in the vet waiting room, or even the brief nod-and-wave we give each other when walking our dogs through the neighborhood. Being in the pet care business, we are incredibly blessed to share these meaningful moments with many of you and your pets.

So as you enjoy Thanksgiving and the rest of your holiday season with family and friends (four-legged or otherwise!), please know that we are especially thankful for YOU for granting us the privilege to care for your most precious and loving pets!