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Pet Hazards to Avoid This Spring

While the winter season and all of its weather-related hazards are finally behind us, springtime also brings with it a host of potential dangers for your pet. Keep an eye out for these springtime hazards to keep your pet safe and happy.


Bugs like bees and ticks start to become a concern again in the spring. If your dog is stung by a bee, scrape away the stinger rather than attempting to pinch it with fingers or tweezers. Use ice if the area swells. Applying a veterinary-approved flea and tick preventative is the best way to keep pests at bay.

Rising Temperatures

As the weather heats up in the coming weeks, be mindful of your pet’s hydration, and don’t leave them in the sun for too long. Dogs left outside should always have a shaded area. On particularly hot days, feel the pavement with your hand before taking your dog for a walk. If it’s too hot for you, it’s too hot for them. Never leave your dog in a car unattended unless the air conditioner has been left on. Temperatures can skyrocket in cars within just a few minutes.


There are many common plants and flowers that are poisonous to pets. Azaleas, daffodils, tulips, hyacinths, and lilies can potentially be life-threatening to your pet if ingested. Along with poisonous plants, weed killers and insecticides are extremely dangerous for pets. Keep all gardening and landscaping tools and chemicals out of reach of children and animals. Even if your pet does not consume them directly, pesticides and weed killers can be absorbed through paws or ingested while grooming. We recommend you use this pet and human-friendly weed-killer recipe by pet safety expert Denise Fleck:

weed killer recipe

After a harsh winter, it’s time to get your pets back outside! Don’t have time to take your pooch for a walk? Let us handle it! Our pet care professionals can help your pet get the extra love and exercise they need. Book care now at or give us a call at (301) PET – CARE.