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How To Responsibly Give A Pet As A Gift!

Holiday cat
It’s the holiday season, which means many of us are thinking of thoughtful gifts for our loved ones. Maybe you’re thinking of giving a pet as a gift to your significant other, your kids, or other loved ones.
Giving a pet as a gift is quite a big gift, so we thought we’d share tips on how to responsibly give a pet as a gift:
1. Surprise! Giving a pet as a gift shouldn’t be a total surprise. Be sure the person(s) you
would like to give a pet to desires a pet and can take care of the pet. Ask yourself
questions like do they work long hours? Does their home allow pets? What kind of pet
would be suitable in their home? It’s also good to know what kind of pet they would like.
If your gift recipient prefers a mellow cat, it’s probably not a good idea to get them a
hyper dog.
2. Gifting to children. When gifting pets to children, young or angsty teens, be sure your
kids understand good pet responsibility. Even young children can help with pet care,
teach them how to play with pets and how to keep pet belongings tidy.
3. Basic pet care package. When giving a pet as a gift, it is also a good idea to include a
care package with some basics such as a bed or crate, leash, food and treats, and litter
materials. This way the gift recipient does not have to suddenly rush out to buy supplies
needed for the pet.
4. Adopt don’t shop! There are many pets that need a good home, so this holiday
season, consider adopting from a shelter if you plan on giving a pet as a gift. Adopting
can make an incredible gift, not just for the gift recipient, but for the pet, too!
5. Secure a pet sitter! Be sure to find a local, trusted pet care company like PHC that will be available to help when the new pet parent is at work or out of town. Planning ahead will help ensure a successful relationship with the new pet and their family. Consider buying a gift card too that will help them with their first pet sitter bookings!
Giving a pet as a gift can be a wonderful idea, just remember to do so responsibly so that the pet and its new owners can be prepared to provide the most loving home!
Happy howlidays!
Tiffany Lewis
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