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December Newsletter

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Holiday cheer is in the air! Sleigh bells are ringing; carolers are singing; family and friends and the like are all springing! It’s “that time of the year”.
With Thanksgiving in our rear view mirrors and Hanukkah here, and with Christmas and New Year’s quickly approaching; vigilant pet owners are on high alert for potential, unfamiliar variables that threaten to hinder the holidays. Fret not, busy bees, the internet is buzzing with tips and tricks that are sure to keep your holiday festivities stress free, safe and fun for you and your four-legged, furry, amphibian friends! Your friends at Pet and Home Care have collected some pro tips of our own just for the occasion:

Stay vigilant around trash cans, unattended plates and food with bones. Familiarize yourself with what’s toxic for your pet.
Make sure all decorations are secured and beyond your pet’s reach. Wires are an electric hazard when chewed, candles can be a fire hazard and certain plants (like mistletoe, holly and poinsettias) can be dangerous to ingest.
Place extra barriers around doorways to the “free world” and be cautious when guests are entering and exiting.
Supervise your pets around holiday guests, especially children. Be aware of the various stress factors and behavioral issues your pet’s face (i.e. thunderstorm/firework/separation anxiety, home & food guarding, stranger danger, etc.) and be prepared to prevent potential triggers.
Avoid products that may dry out or harm your pet’s pads, making them more susceptible to soreness and tearing. Try to avoid ice melting products that contain calcium chloride, magnesium chloride or a high amount of rock salt. Use appropriate protective balm when necessary and wipe their pads after treks outside of the house.
Keep pathways clear of ice and snow for the safety of your guests, pets and their sitters!

Pet and Home Care provides in-home pet care visits for any type of pet (dogs, cats, hamsters, fish, birds, you name it!), which includes feeding, dog walking, playing, pet waste cleanup, administering medication and, of course, giving oodles of attention to your pet(s)! In home visits also provide basic home maintenance services such as plant watering, rotating lights and blinds, collecting mail and newspapers, taking out or bringing in the trash and recycling and personalized home security checks for your peace of mind while you’re away.