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Canine Flu and Labor Day updates!

If you have not yet heard, there has been an outbreak of Canine Flu in Montgomery County. The flu is an upper respiratory virus that for many dogs is mild and passing. The flu is very similar to kennel cough, but can last much longer- some cases for 10 – 21 days, even if antibiotics are being used. A few dogs can develop pneumonia, which can be life threatening. The problem is that dogs shed flu for 7-10 days before they show signs of the disease; so, owners don’t know to isolate them when they’re actively shedding.


The veterinarian we have spoken to does not seem overly concerned. However, there is a flu vaccine available. It takes effect in three days, and your dog would need to get a booster in another two weeks. It can be given to puppies as young as 6 weeks. Although the vaccine does not stop transmission, it reduces the severity of the disease and shortens the shedding and symptomatic periods.


At our pet resort, we are REQUIRING all day care and boarding clients to have the CIV vaccine as well as being current on all other vaccines. Please email our office with your vet records if you are planning to board with us. We are disaffecting all surfaces and keeping our facility very clean.


Be sure to talk to your vet about the flu vaccine. Pet and Home Care is not be liable if your pet contracts the flu or other contagious diseases while in our care as the vaccines do not guarantee prevention. We will take all precautions to ensure your pets are safe and well cared for.


If you are not able to get the vaccines, we can still offer care in your home. We can provide visits as early as 7am and as late as 9pm.


Labor Day!


On a lighter note- Labor day weekend is finally here! We hope you have booked your pet and home care needs with the office. If not- you still have time! We have staff ready to care for your pets and home this weekend and Monday. Email us ASAP to add care this weekend.


Reminder- Monday September 2- All regularly scheduled weekly Monday visits and day care are cancelled. If you still want your visit please email the office to book your visit.