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Including Your Furry Friends: National Preparedness Month Tips from Pet and Home Care

September is a month that carries the promise of changing seasons and new beginnings. It’s also a time when we are reminded of the importance of being prepared for unexpected challenges that life may throw our way. National Preparedness Month encourages us to take small steps each day to ensure our safety and well-being during emergencies and disasters. As we embark on this journey of preparedness, it’s crucial not to forget about our beloved pets, who rely on us for their safety and care.

Why Should Pets Be Part of Your Preparedness Plans?

Our furry companions are an integral part of our families, and their safety matters just as much as our own. Imagine facing a disaster without a plan in place for your pets. In times of chaos, having a well-thought-out strategy can make all the difference. The American Red Cross emphasizes the importance of including pets in your preparedness plans, and throughout this National Preparedness Month, we’re going to help you ensure the safety and well-being of your four-legged friends.

This September, join us in taking small steps each day for a prepared and pet-friendly home. Print out these tips or add them to your calendar.

September 1: Start by assembling an emergency kit for your family, including your pets. Collect essential items such as food, water, medications, and comfort items for your furry friends. Having these items in a dedicated backpack or bag can make it easier to access them quickly. Be sure to notify your pet sitter or update your online profile so your pet’s bag can be found if a disaster occurs while you are away.

September 2: Create a communication plan that includes your pets. Identify a friend or family member outside your area who can help coordinate in case of separation during a disaster. Be sure to include the contact info on your online profile info page.

September 3: Know your area’s risks and prepare accordingly. Familiarize yourself with the types of disasters that are most likely to occur in your region, and educate your family about how to respond.

September 4: Sign up for emergency notifications on your cell phone. Ensure you receive alerts about potential disasters in your area that could impact you and your pets. Be sure to download our pet care app to ensure you have the fastest communication method with your pet care provider. Get it here: Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

September 5: Create a defensible space around your home to reduce wildfire risks for both you and your pets.

September 13: Prepare your pets by having essential supplies ready, including food, water, medications, and comfort items. Check out resources at for more information.

September 18: Talk to your children about disasters and involve them in your preparedness plans, including plans for your pets.

September 23: While earthquakes and tornados in Maryland are rare, they can occur. Practice earthquake and tornado safety with your pets and kids. Learn the DROP, COVER, and HOLD ON technique, and identify safe spots for you and your pets during an emergency.

September 25: Make an evacuation plan that includes your pets. Know where you will go, how you will get there, and what supplies you’ll need. Have two options in case roads are inaccessible.

September 28: Give back to your community by donating blood. In times of disaster, blood donations save lives – both human and animal.

September 29: Leverage social media for information during emergencies. Follow reputable accounts and keep up to date with local news and resources for both you and your pets.

September 30: Test your knowledge and inventory of what you’ve learned throughout the month. Ensure that you can answer affirmatively to statements related to preparedness and pet safety.

In conclusion, National Preparedness Month is a reminder that taking small steps each day can lead to significant improvements in our ability to handle emergencies and disasters. As you work on your preparedness plans this month, remember to include your pets in every step. By considering their needs and safety, you’ll be better equipped to face challenges and protect all members of your family, furry or not. So, let’s embark on this journey of preparedness together, ensuring that our homes are ready for whatever comes our way – and that includes our cherished pets. At Pet and Home Care, we have your tail covered!