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Our Best Secret for Chronic Pet Pain

If you’re the parent to a fur baby, you know that your pets feel pain just like we do. Senior dogs, overweight dogs, and dogs with medical conditions are especially prone to chronic pain. Here are our best tips for identifying chronic pain and our #1 secret for managing it!

Signs Your Pet May Be in Pain

One of the signs your pet may be in pain is heavy breathing. While it’s normal for a dog to breath heavily after exerting themselves, respiratory distress should be monitored. Excessive grooming and sudden aggression can also be signs of stress or pain. Perhaps the most obvious of all, if your pet appears to be limping or has trouble getting around, they may be experiencing chronic pain.

Managing Pain With Hemp Oil

Our #1 secret for managing pet pain is with hemp oil supplementation. Hemp oil contains compounds known as cannabinoids, anti-inflammatory properties that ease pain in the body. Many pet owners have seen improvements in their dog or cat’s well-being with hemp oil supplementation. Hemp oil can also stimulate appetite, aid sleep, and ease anxiety and nausea.

Hemp For Dogs in Pain

One of the greatest benefits of hemp oil is its potential to minimize the need for pharmaceutical drugs. Veterinary pain relievers can damage a pets’ liver and kidneys, and cause issues with digestion and overall behavior. However, it’s important to consult your vet before forgoing traditional medications. Hemp oil can show great results in dogs of any age, but senior pets, in particular, may benefit greatly from it. Senior pets are more likely to suffer from ailments including arthritis, obesity, and cancer, and joint pain. Large breeds or overweight dogs are especially prone to developing joint pain. Hemp oil and its natural pain and anxiety-relieving properties may be a great choice for your pet! Obese dogs of any age can experience joint pain which should be relieved with weight loss. If you’re in the process of helping your dog lose weight, or they have started to develop joint pain, try hemp oil to put some spring back in their step. Studies have also shown that hemp oil supplementation can mitigate or even eliminate convulsions and seizures in pets.

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