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Awesome August from Pet and Home Care!

Book Labor Day Weekend Services Now!

Longtime client Oliver is our Pet of The Month!
Longtime client Oliver is our Pet of The Month. We wish him a speedy recovery!

Ready for one last summer getaway before Autumn arrives? Make it stress-free by booking your Labor Day weekend services now! At Pet and Home Care, we strive to provide superior dog walking, pet sitting and boarding services for all kinds of pets. We can even visit your home just to check the mail or water plants, ensuring your house is safe while you are away.

Your pup could use a vacation, too! Pet and Home Care’s Pet Resort in Clarksburg, MD is a great option for kennel-free, clean and safe boarding while you’re travelling. Call us now to reserve your pup’s spot, it’s a bark-party!

Contact Pet and Home Care today to schedule a booking!

Make Back To School Easy On Your Pets!

Dogs and cats are creatures of habit, and the back to school rush inevitably means more time home alone for your pet. Pets feel the change in the daily routines we’ve become accustomed to during the summer months. With this change, many dogs can become anxious, nervous and may even display destructive behavior due to separation anxiety. We’ve got some tips to help make the transition easier on your pet:

-Gradually readjusting feeding times and potty breaks can ease your pet into his new schedule. Animals thrive on routine, and do best when their habits are shifted incrementally rather than abruptly.

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-Make your departures seamless by leaving the house calmly and without a long goodbye, which can trigger your dog. Some owners find it helpful to leave treats around the house, hunting for yummies is a great distraction!

-Exercise! Book Pet and Home Care walking services to give your pooch a midday potty break and some much-needed outdoor play time!

Keep Calm and Swim On! Helpful Hints A Healthy Aquarium

Pet and Home Care looks after all types of critters-including ones with fins! Here are some tips for keeping your fish and aquatic petshappy and healthy in their aquarium!

The Humane Society recommends a 20-gallon tank for new fish owners. It may seem larger than you were hoping to care for, but a larger tank actually stays cleaner than a small one. Your fish will thank you for the extra room to roam!

When finding a location for the tank, stay away from direct sunlight, windows and doors. Be sure to acclimate your aquatic pets properly by setting up the tank early and testing pH levels and temperature. Purchasing a tank thermometer will ensure your fish are always safe and comfortable.

Its absolutely vital to have a tank filter. Without filtration, fish waste can poison the water, resulting in sickness or even death. Fish also love to hide out in small crevasses, make it fun by having safe accessories like ceramic sea castles or plastic sea plants.