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Noble November Newsletter and Food Drive!

Greetings! For our full newsletter please click here!

Here are the highlights!

First off, our prayers and thoughts go to anyone who may have lost a loved one due to the devastation in the Midwest or the Philippines.

The damage and loss that was caused is horrifying. Please consider giving to the American Red Cross or another charity at this hard time- Pet and Home Care did.

During this season of giving we would also like to help the less fortunate here at home. We hope you will consider leaving a donation that one of our team members can pick up at your home. The donations will be going to the local organization Manna. They serve thousands of county residents each year. Please leave food in a bag labeled Pet and Home Care Food Drive, or you can drop it off at our Pet Resort or our office, and we will take the donations to Manna.

In the same spirit, we encourage everyone to shop Small Business and as a reminder, November 30th is Shop Small Day. Click here for details.


Thanksgiving is next week!!

Be sure to book your pet and home care needs with us ASAP! We do book up fast for some services and must make sure we have enough staff on hand to cover all of our clients requests.

Reminder! We will cancel all normal week day Thursday visits and Doggie Day Care on November 28th. If you would like to keep your visit on the schedule please contact the office today. If you booked care specifically for Thanksgiving you will be covered!


Do you give in to your cute pets at the dinner table? This Thanksgiving holiday, The Pet and Home Care team urges you to resist the intense gazes and vocal demands of pleading perfect pets. There can be dangerous consequences for animals during the holidays when fed people food or left unattended with temptations.

Holiday threats to animals can include seasonal decorations, ornamental lighting, candle flames, ingestion of inappropriate or toxic items, excessive consumption of rich or harmful food, and many other holiday hazards.

Before you sit down to feast, be sure to take away temptation-from both guests and pets. Try feeding your pets before the guests arrive to reduce the temptation for begging and stealing. You can also keep your pet separate from the party by using a pet gate or have your pooch come spend Thanksgiving with the  Pet and Home Care Team where the only treats will be milk bones!

Things to avoid feeding your pet this holiday season:
Rich, fatty foods (turkey skins, gravy, etc,) can contribute to pancreatitis. This inflammation of the digestive gland is painful and can be serious–requiring emergency veterinary assistance.
Cooked bones can splinter and cause obstruction in a pet’s digestive tract.
Baking strings, if ingested, can create trouble if ingested by your pet.
Onions in holiday stuffing can lead to canine anemia if consumed by your dog.
Grapes and raisin toxins can cause kidney failure in pets.
Ingesting chocolate can kill your pet.
Caffeine and alcohol are toxic for pets.
Keep all goodies out of reach!
Keep leftover food out of reach and in tightly closed containers. Make sure garbage cans are secure to keep critters so they are safe from e-coli and unable to chew on leftover tinfoil.
Always keep your emergency vet clinic or veterinary hospital number handy. You never know when you will encounter a disaster due to a delinquent guest or persistent pet.