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Jazzy January!

Our latest newsletter is in circulation! Please click here to see the full copy.

Here are some highlights

Pets of the Month!

Ber and Stu have been inseparable since I picked them out of 8 siblings. I went to Lancaster, PA to pick out a true “country” Bichon. I picked out the largest one (Ber), but while all the other pups were playing , little Stu kept staring at me from their play pen outside. As I put my car in reverse, he started crying and the rest is history. 2 years later , these two remain “attached to the hip “.
Scott A

The lock-boxes have proven to be a valuable asset to our clients and sitters. If you have not yet made arrangements to secure your lock-box, please contact the office and we will make arrangements for you to receive one. Our bulk order has reduced the cost to only $26.00, which can be applied to your account. You may also provide your own lock-box.

With winter weather still a threat, these provide an extra measure to insure a friend or family member will be able to access your pets, in the event the sitter is unable to travel snow covered or icy roads. In addition, if we are using a garage code to enter the house, the spare key can be used if there is a power outage.

Once you receive your lock-box it is yours to keep. You can place it where you are most comfortable and set the code of your choice. Just be sure to let us know your code!

Having the lock-box will also save you the expense of the key pick-up charge, or last minute, same day scheduling charge. Our goal is to provide our clients with excellent service, and having your key available at the house allows us to schedule more efficiently and effectively. Thank you for helping us improve. We look forward to hearing from you!

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