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The Pleasant Pet Hemp Oil alleviates common pet ailments like anxiety and pain. It’s a natural remedy to help pets feel their best. Available now!

The Pleasant Pet Hemp Oil is a natural remedy to help pets feel their best and alleviates common pet ailments like pain, anxiety, arthritis, and more.

Natural Relief

The Pleasant Pet provides natural relief for common pet ailments including pain, anxiety, arthritis, seizures, allergies, skin conditions, digestive issues, and sundowner syndrome (a cognitive degeneration disorder in senior dogs).

Grown Locally

Organic and responsibly farmed, The Pleasant Pet uses premium quality hemp flower grown locally in Maryland. Free of pesticides and herbicides, the broad-spectrum hemp oil is formulated and produced by Fingerboard Farm.

Made With Love

Born out of necessity and made with love, The Pleasant Pet was created by Pet and Home Care CEO, Tiffany Lewis, to provide anxiety relief for her beloved senior Shih Tzu, Millie.  

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Tiffany and Millie
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Tiffany and Millie’s Excellent Adventure


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“I am so impressed with The Pleasant Pet Hemp Oil! Our Chihuahua, Chutley, usually jumps all over new people as they enter our house. We tried out this hemp oil for the first time prior to a contractor’s arrival, and our dog didn’t jump or bark at all! We couldn’t believe it, as he’s been jumping all over guests for the last 11 years. He will also sometimes get anxious when our little kids pet him, but he was calm and happy throughout the day and enjoyed all of the snuggles. Will definitely be using this product again in the future and recommending it to all of our friends with pets!”

- Sameeha B. Of Frederick, MD 
- Sameeha B. Of Frederick, MD

“IT WORKS! The Pleasant Pet has been a LIFESAVER for our pom mix Bruno! He suffers from chronic anxiety—shaking and panting from loud noises like fireworks, thunder, or heavy rain. Knowing how harmful physical stress is to pets, I desperately wanted to find a safe, non-medical alternative to treat him. When my sister, Tiffany, told me she was working on developing a hemp oil, I begged her to send me a sample! I began administering The Pleasant Pet by rubbing the oil on Bruno’s treats and within 30 minutes, there is an absolute noticeable difference in his demeanor. He is calmer and less stressed. I am so thankful that I can provide my furbaby with the comfort he deserves- safely!”

- MacKenzie R. of Los Angeles, CA 
- MacKenzie R. of Los Angeles, CA