Open 7 days a week from 7am to 9pm

In-home Visits:
Offered 7 days a week from 7am to 9pm

Cities we service in Los Angeles:

Calabasas, Encino, Chatsworth, Northridge, Tarzana & Woodland Hills.

*All Pet and Home Care staff members can provide around-the-clock, late-night care and pet transportation upon request with at least 24 hours notice.

In-Home Pet Care

Let us come to you with our daily in-home pet care service!

Whether you travel frequently, work long hours or are simply taking a well-deserved vacation, our daily in-home pet care visits are the perfect option for you and your pet. Pet and Home Care provides in-home pet care visits for any type of pet: dogs, cats, chickens, goats, hamsters, fish, horses, lizards, birds, you name it!

In-home pet care services include:

  • Feeding
  • Walking
  • Playing
  • Pet waste cleanup
  • Administering medication
  • All of the attention your pet deserves!

Additional home maintenance services:

  • Plant watering
  • Rotating lights and blinds
  • Collecting mail and newspapers
  • Taking out or bringing in trash and recycling
  • Personalized home-security checks for peace of mind

For dogs:

For in-home dog care visits, a member of our award-winning staff will come to your home, greet and leash your dog, and take them out for up to an hour walk within your neighborhood or play and exercise in your fenced yard. Pet and Home Care will also pay extra close attention and provide some much-needed TLC to elderly dogs, high-maintenance puppies or any other animals with special needs as requested.

Rest assured, we walk one household’s pets at a time. Pet and Home Care also tailors the length and pace of the walk to your pet’s specific needs and ability to ensure they get a sufficient amount of exercise during each visit and of course have a chance to ‘do their business.’

Puppy care:

Did you adopt a new puppy to join your family? If so, congrats! It’s so exciting to welcome a new furry family member. Don’t forget, puppies need extra care and potty breaks. As a general rule, puppies should have a potty break or walk at least every 2-3 hours. We can offer several visits per day while you are at work or schedule daycare for extra playtime and fun. We are here to help your new fur baby adjust to life at your home and with potty training.

For cats:

For in-home cat care visits, a member of our award-winning staff will come to your home, greet and feed your cat(s), play with them if they are playful, scoop their litter box, and change their water. We can also administer medication if needed and give lots of love of attention.

Other pets:

Not only are we able to care for your dogs and cats, we can also care for all pets that live outside, in cages, or aquariums! We can feed, change the water or bedding for your birds, rabbits or hamsters. We also are experienced with fish, turtles, bearded dragons, lizards and more! Have a farm animal? No problem! We care for chickens, goats, horses, and more! Give us a call to see how we can help you.

Benefits of in-home visits:

In-home visits help keep your pets safe, well fed and loved while you’re away and can also be a helpful deterrent for potential burglars or other security threats.

Your options:

Our in home visits last a minimum of 30 minutes and can be booked for up to one hour. Visits are available from 7am-9pm daily. Most clients commonly choose two to five visits per day for in-home dog care and daily or twice daily for in-home cat care. We also offer daytime and evening care services provided in our clients’ homes to ensure pets are safe, happy and accommodated for their meals and walks.

Customer Reviews For Our Pet Care Services:

Vilma R.  11/23/2019 (via Yelp) Time for an update!! Tiffany is still the most dedicated and professional pet care specialist I have ever known. I tried a different service earlier this year when Tiffany was unavailable.  My doggies, I learned later, were forced to sleep in cages, and they were filthy and looked depressed when they arrived home. Thankfully, Tiffany is available for my upcoming trip, When my crew saw her, they literally squealed with excitement. I know they will feel loved , welcome and well cared for.

Ron R. from  9/21/2015 (via Yelp) Tiffany has taken great care of our Jack Russell Terrier mix when we are in Los Angeles. He comes home from his sleepover happy and healthy–which is, as the five stars indicate–as good as it gets!

Kayla 2/10/15 (via Yelp) Tiffany has been a lifesaver SO many times. I travel frequently for work — and often without a lot of notice — and she’s been wonderfully accommodating. Even more importantly, my dog is obsessed with her. Last time I picked him up, he stood up on the passenger seat in the car whining as he watched her walk away!! Plus, she sends the most hilarious videos and pictures throughout the entire stay. I can honestly say they’ve made having a dog 1000x easier. Highly, highly recommend.