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“I’ve used Pet and Home Care for several years now and couldn’t be happier, nor could my dogs. I’m often gone for 10 day-trips and have complete trust my dogs will be well cared for and, most importantly, loved. They’re responsive, provide the perfect amount of feedback including pictures, and go the extra mile to make sure all is well, including by picking up the mail and keeping an eye on the house. Once, I’d neglected to provide enough info on pet medication and they wrote me immediately asking for clarification and made the right judgement call in handling it. Another time, the lawn service left the gate open (dog escaped) and again, they sorted it out very professionally. When one dog passed, they wrote a lovely condolence note. I highly recommend this company which, well, has come to feel like family.”

-Corinne from Rockville, MD

“I wanted to say how much I appreciate Tiffany and her company. I have an anxious dog and separation anxiety. He was antagonized at his previous owners by two young kids. He has to get to know the person warm up to them (which would take a little while). My last dog walker didn’t work out and isn’t coming back. I got online and inquired with PHC and emailed them. Within a half hour my nerves were calm and I was excited to work with PHC. I love the idea of up to an hour meet and greet. I would pay anything to have my dog choose the person he wants to have him walk with. Thanks again!”

-Joanne from Germantown, MD

“Over twenty years of providing consistently excellent service for my pets. What other business, pet services or otherwise, can one give that kind of recommendation. Over the years, I have used most of the services they offer. Not only is their scheduling flawless and most accommodating to last minute requests, the care they bestow on my pets is exceptional. My pets have had major special needs and behavior issues. A dog that needs fifteen medications precisely timed and may go into a grand mal seizure at any time, no problem, just another day at work for them. A scared rescue that won’t leave the house for a walk, no problem. Off to the walk they go. I have watched the rescues I foster blossom under their care. The single best part of my day is seeing my dog’s sheer joy when their daycare van arrives.”

-Lynn from Bethesda, MD

“When I first moved to my current neighborhood, I needed to find someone to care for my 2 middle aged small dogs who did not tolerate kennels and to take them out during the day for a walk while I was at work. From when I first met Tiffany to today, she has consistently and lovingly provided the best care for my pups. She and her petsitters have each been so caring, thoughtful, timely and considerate of my dogs and me and I don’t know what I would do without them. My now geriatric pups love their caretakers and I know they will be safe and well cared for when I can’t be there. As we have all gotten older, our needs have changed and P&HC has accommodated us every step of the way. They have stepped in during a couple of emergencies when I needed them to and have promptly and lovingly continued the more routine visits as well. Thank you Tiffany and all of the team!”

-Piper from Potomac, MD

“These guys are amazing. I don’t give too man 5 star reviews, but they deserve it. My dog absolutely loves this place. They crew is awesome, and they can fit you in last minute for daycare or a dog walker if you are in a pinch. Would recommend them to anyone in a heartbeat.”

-Daniel from Gaithersburg, MD

“I am a long time client of Tiffany Lewis, her Pet and Home Care company has helped me raise my last 3 dogs from puppies to middle aged and beyond. Currently I have 2 chocolate labs who attend “school” as we call it at my house and they love it! Even though I have a large yard at home my dogs enjoy the company of others and have made great doggie friends so I highly recommend PHC even if you have a yard. Tiffany’s staff are carefully selected dog lovers who take such good care of our pups. This business is very well run, they have holiday parties, pool parties in the summer, a newsletter and an adorable bus to pick up the doggies. I cannot imagine raising dogs without Tiffany’s business. Pet and Home Care is the very best and I recommend them 100%”

-Vicki from Clarksburg, MD

“Tiffany and company at Pet and Home Care are just awesome. I’ve had to travel a bit lately and had some late changes in plans. They have always been very accommodating to my schedule changes. I can input changes into the forms based on pet behavior for them to always have the latest info on the needs of my animals. I have 4 geriatric cats, so knowing their quirks and behaviors is important information for any caregiver, especially when checking older animals who may not be feeling well. I receive periodic updates via email, and more detailed daily information when I get home. They took care to water my plants, check for hairballs or other pet accidents, and get my mail. I use a lockbox for the key, and have a home alarm system. They were easily able to accommodate both with no difficulty. A class act all the way around – very happy with the service received!!!”

-Salomeh from Germantown, MD

“We have been using Tiffany’s services for the past 11 years and think they are great. We have used them for both mid-day dog walking and for overnight pet sitting in our home. We know our dogs will be well taken care and happy. And when we come home, there’s always a note letting us know how the visit went. I would recommend them to anyone.”

-Jodi from Potomac, MD

“I love Pet and Home Care. Every time we go away we know our kitty Leia is in great hands. I love that we get daily emails with pictures of our cat-girl so we know she’s well taken care of. They’re also really great about bringing in any mail or boxes left outside. I also love their online scheduling system, since I do everything online! Great service, great prices, great people!”

-Kenesha from Clarksburg, MD

“AMAZING. I only trust my cats to these caring professionals. Have been using this service for over 4 years. Very professional. Very trustworthy. Very easy to use the service. Very affordable. Each sitter leaves VERY detailed notes of every visit – this service has become invaluable. Having this service has allowed our cats to become comfortable with strangers – each sitter is exceptional and really “listens” to the cats needs while we are away.”

-Karen from Gaithersburg, MD

“Prompt and excellent communication.”

-Christopher from Gaithersburg, MD

“Extremely well! We are moving from the area otherwise we would use Pet and
Home care forever! They loved our dog. They were very responsive and always
helpful. So pleasant to work with them.”

– Setareh from Bethesda, MD

“Pet and Home Care continues to be one of the best choices we have ever made. They have been walking our dog for years now, and they always manage to supply reliable, helpful, and attentive service. Our dog loves his walker, and always looks forward to the visit! We were especially pleased a couple of months ago when we called them after our dog had eye surgery, to ask if they would be able to administer some eye drops in addition to the dog walk for a couple of weeks. Not only were they happy to add this task into their usual visit — they did so without extra charge. We love the ability they give us to make changes to the walking schedule through the “client portal,” based on our fluctuating needs and busy lifestyle. All in all, a great company that I would recommend highly to anyone.”

-Michael from North Bethesda, MD

“I always rely upon Pet & Home Care to care for my cats while I’m away. They are reliable and always leave a note explaining what has been accomplished.”

-Albert from Bethesda, MD

“Tiffany was a true professional when meeting and hosting our pup Izzy. We got picture texts regularly to keep us updated to let us know she was happy and safe. I always hate when everyone thinks they’re a dog whisperer when they talk to you about your dog and his/her behavior, and I was worried we might get a lecture during introduction on what we might doing wrong and blah blah, but she understood Izzy’s quirks and made everyone happy. Tiffany just made the process too easy, and I would absolutely use her services again. ”

Tiffany and her dog Millie

-TJ from Los Angeles, CA

“I have used this service so many times due to working night shifts and they have gone above and beyond my expectations. They come as late as 10pm which is rarely offered by other walking companies. They leave a report of what Portia did on her walk and how it went. They will leave me comments of how they enjoyed the walk and my dogs behavior. They will place any packages left at my door inside w/ a note saying they did so. I feel the walkers can be trusted and enjoy my dog’s company. I highly recommend them as they make me feel confident that my dog will be taken care of as if it were my family doing so.”

-Danelle from Gaithersburg, MD

“I’ve known Tiffany for over 20 years and have been a client since she opened shop over 10 tears ago . She is one the most professional, honest, and good hearted person I know and she has a gift with animals. My hound mix was very sensitive and anxious all the time. It was very stressful for me to leave him for work and trips but Tiffany was so good with him and calm that I really believe there were long term positive benefits from their walks and his longer stays. I would absolutely recommend Tiffany to anyone looking for pet care. Once you meet her you know right away you found a trusted sitter.”

-Julia from Rockville, MD

“Michele and my Teddy hit it off beautifully & her arrival was the best part of his day. Scheduling was easy and I had an immediate response to my requests for service.”

-Jean from Gaithersburg, MD

“Tiffany was amazing! I have the hardest time leaving my pup, but with all the updates I received I felt completely comfortable and knew he was in good hands. He had a blast and was clearly treated like a little member of the family the whole time. Great experience!”

-Kristen from Santa Monica, CA

“Pet and Home Care comes to check on my cat, refreshes her food and water and cleans the litter boxes. A 15-minute visit is usually just that, and a 30-minute visit includes some play and petting. The person who usually visits my place will even bring in the packages left at my door or check to ensure the place is OK while I’m away. They leave a nice little note to say how my cat was, or if she even came out during the visit. They have been very reliable and I often get the same person to stop by and look after my cat. It’s such a relief to not have to transport my cat to another location for care. My cat hates the carrier and it is such a struggle and upsetting for both of us. So the fact that I can put a lockbox on my door before I leave for business/vacation travel, is perfect — no hassle, so convenient. You can customize the visits for just a feeding and litter scoop, or longer to play and groom your pet. And the little note is always a treat. You can also get other services like cleaning, organization or other household chores. I was little worried about letting someone I didn’t know having access to my home, but I have had no problems at all. Would definitely recommend them. I’ve used them since I moved into the area last August 2012.”

-Marlene from Germantown, MD

“Tiffany took excellent care of my dog Lucy!! I highly recommend her to anyone needing a dog sitter.”

-Heather from Brentwood, CA

“Excellent on all counts. Have used their housekeeping services for years on a regular basis. Excellent and careful work. Have also used pet sitting services many times. Also very professional.”

-Constance from Gaithersburg, MD

“Pet and Home Care came to my home to care for my two cats while I was away during the Thanksgiving holiday. I contacted them by using their convenient contact button on their website and requested service. They replied within 24 hours and confirmed their agreement to care for my cats. Service is simply top-notch! When I returned home, I found notes from each sitter than had visited regarding time of visit, the welfare of my cats, and whether the sitter played with the cats. I’ve used pet sitting services in the past, here and in other towns, and Pet and Home Care has got to be the best! I completely trust and rely on them to care for my cats. When I contract with them for pet sitting, I leave home with no worries about my pets!”

-Albert from Rockville, MD

“Tiffany is excellent with Bandit! She is super accommodating as well. The first time I left Bandit overnight, she sent me a very cute video of her brushing Bandit’s teeth. It was wonderful. Bandit always seems very calm and happy after her stays. I definitely recommend Tiffany :)”

-Jessica from Santa Monica, CA

“They changed the litter box, feed my cats and give them fresh water everyday, pick up my mail, and water my plants. It was A++. I would recommend them. They leave report cards everyday about my cats and check off what did that day.”

-Yvondra from Gaithersburg, MD

“Tiffany was great – she was responsive and posted lots of pictures! Dixie had a great time with her!”

-Emily from Los Angeles, CA

“Everyone has been great. Especially Tiffany. It’s a good feeling and secure feeling knowing when you have a pet sitter who is experienced and loves your pet when you travel, makes you feel confident they will take very good care of your dog and give him lots of love and attention. Also, when traveling, being able to contact the pet sitter to check on things is very very important too.”

-Bobbi from Rockville, MD

Team photo

“Tiffany was the absolute best! I was very nervous about leaving my little puppy pomeranian, Aria, for the first time, but Tiffany arranged a time for us to meet and answered all of my questions. During Aria’s overnight stay, Tiffany sent me lots of videos and photos of their adventures. It was so relieving and comforting to know that Aria was in safe and good hands and was also having a great time! I’m so glad to have found someone trustworthy and will definitely seek out Tiffany anytime I need someone to watch Aria.”

-Diana from Santa Monica, CA

“Amazing service

100% reliable

100% flexible

100% loving with a high maintenance dog”

-Anne from Potomac, MD

“Tiffany was great! Her apartment was very clean and safe. Our dog usually gets very anxious when he is away from us, but it looked like he had a great time with Tiffany and he appeared very calm when we picked him up.”

-Ada from Los Angeles, CA

“Thanks for being so professional, dependable, trusting and most of all, Harley says he loves all of you! He is a better doggie now especially because of your great care with walks and daycare.”

-Pam from Germantown, MD

“Tiffany was amazing with Lucie, my little old lady doxie. She was super attentive to her needs and tuned into her quirky ways immediately. I received constant photos and updates to ease MY separation anxiety, not Lucie’s. Lucie will definitely stay with Tiffany again!”

-Deborah from Santa Monica, CA

“We have been so incredibly pleased with all the kindness and thoughtfulness Tiffany and her staff have given to all four of our animals through the years.

We were one of the first families that started having Tiffany come to our house and take care of them! We’ve given Pet and Home Care’s number to at least eight other families through the years because we’ve been so happy with everything!

Now our dogs Maggie and Parker stay overnight at their pet resort while we are away- I know they are in excellent hands!

I highly recommend Pet and Home Care, they have been outstanding in every way! Thanks Tiffany and Staff, you’re the BEST!”

With Warm Regards,

-Susan and Bruce Gibeson from Potomac, MD

“Tiffany was so great with Boz, he’s still reeling from it! Came home to a pup in an excellent mood (he used to mope around and punish us for leaving). She sent us oodles of pics and videos which not only kept us entertained but provided the peace of mind that we needed. Tiffany is a joy, and definitely one of Boz’s newest best friends. ;)”

-Kristen from Santa Monica, CA

“Thank you so much for helping with Glen this weekend. It gave me peace of mind to know that you were here when we couldn’t be. I have the most trust and confidence in you and your team and really appreciate having you around the corner. Thanks a million!”

-Jill from Potomac, MD

“Tiffany was amazing — she sent me the most adorable texts and videos all day, and my puppy slept like a baby through the night … which tells me he got tons of playtime!”

-Kyla from Santa Monica, CA

“My many thanks to you and your staff for your exceptional service!”

-Sharon from Gaithersburg, MD

“This was our first dog sitting experience with our new puppy Cannol, Tiffany could not have put us more at ease. She is incredibly responsive and sent us pictures throughout our trip that assured us he was in great hands. I have heard stories from people who came home from vacation and their puppy seemed different or not as well behaved, but I think Tiffany even taught our little guy some better behaviors. Thanks again Tiffany!!”

-Celeste from Santa Monica, CA

“Thank you for taking such good care of my fish while I was out of town. I hope you and your staff have a great holiday season.”

-John from Bethesda, MD

“Tiffany was great with Cali once again. This time I went away for 3 weeks out of the country. Tiffany made everything easy by coming to pick up Cali, she kept me updated with notes and pictures. I know Cali loved her Dogvacay, especially being able to swim daily. Tiffany also had other family members around that helped make Cali’s stay so enjoyable for her. She even crept into ones bed on the last night and snuggled with him. Cali got a nice treat box when I picked her up that she has already enjoyed. I am so glad I found a reliable dog sitter that treats my dog like their own. I highly recommend Tiffany to anyone”

-Rikki Anne from Brentwood, CA

“Thanks to you and your staff for taking care of Biggie this year. Thanks!”

-Tracy from Bethesda, MD

“We brought our dog Frankie to stay with Tiffany over Thanksgiving and it was a terrific experience. She sent us pics throughout the day of Frankie. It was obvious he was having a grand old time playing with the other dogs and being lavished with affection. Thank you Tiffany for taking such good care of Frankie and giving us a worry-free holiday! We will be back!”

-Cara from Los Angeles, CA

“Tiffany was so great and I’m so glad she was able to watch Skip while I was away for 3 nights! She sent frequent updates and tons of pictures and it always looked like Skip was thoroughly enjoying himself 🙂 He even got to join her for an outdoor dinner one night! She took him on a ton of walks, and I could tell because he was only interested in a long nap after I picked him up! Overall wonderful experience, thanks!”

-Kristen from Santa Monica, CA

“Roscoe misses everyone and your great facility. Since we have moved, we have not been able to locate an overnight facility in Massachusetts that we feel offers Roscoe the freedom and comfort that he had with you. Just know that we really appreciated the quality care and service that you provided. Thank you.”

-The Wilsons from Germantown, MD

“A hearty ‘thank you’ to all of the walkers at Pet and Home Care for the reliable and very loving care of our furry babies Delilah, Beau, and Bagheera during 2008-2011! We look forward to continuing care with you well into 2012!”

-Steph and Simon from Bethesda, MD

“I just wanted to let you know that Oliver looked well and happy when we came home from our trip. Since we were out of the country, we had requested that our cat sitter call my sister every day (she did!) to assure her that Oliver was fine and that our house was warm during this cold winter weather. We are most appreciative for the excellent care provided to Oliver and are so glad we found your company!”

-Lauren from Potomac, MD

“Tiffany stayed in our house recently and watched our dog and cat. We cannot say enough great things about her! She was organized and neat. She sent us pictures several times a day, every day. She looked out for our property as if it were her own. We had complete peace of mind while we were away.”

-Margaret from Los Angeles, CA

“Our dog, Calvin, is a regular at doggy day care while we’re at work. It’s great for him to get plenty of exercise and attention from the staff each day. Occasionally, we also board the dog and have home visits for our cat. The staff is always very friendly and reliable. They have all taken really good care of both our pets.”

-Charlene from Potomac, MD

“Tiffany has an excellent house for hosting dogs and she took really great care of our two labs. She’s very responsive to questions and even sent us updates and pictures to let us know how are “kids” were doing. We will definitely be boarding our dogs with her in the future.”

-Michael from Los Angeles, CA

“Bella stayed with Tiffany for a whole week while she was healing from her spaying procedure. Tiffany was both responsive and considerate- sending photos and videos of happy Bella every single day. She even had the flexibility of letting us extend Bella’s stay with her for 2 days. I highly recommend Tiffany as a dog sitter and am glad that we found a reliable person that took such great care of Bella! Thanks Tiffany!”

-Anisha from Los Angeles, CA

“Pet and Home Care took care of our cat Max when we were out of town various times during the last year of his life. Max was elderly and had special needs (special food, insulin shots, etc). Pet and Home Care did a wonderful job with him; we felt like we could go out of town for a day or two and he would be taken care of with professionalism and love. We now have two new kittens and will be using Pet and Home Care for any cat-sitting needs we will have with them!”

-Belinda O’Berry from Gaitherburg, MD

“Thank you so much again Tiffany for coming to our rescue at the last minute yesterday. Tiffany is amazing with dogs and she made my little Lulu feel right at home. I really appreciated the text/photo updates she sent on Lulu during her stay. I felt so comfortable leaving her in Tiffany’s excellent care and I highly recommend Tiffany to anyone in need of a stellar dog sitter.”

-Thomas from Los Angeles, CA

“Our three dogs, Emmitt, Raisin, and Phil, are all older (12 years, 11 years, and 9 years respectively) and all have special needs. Raisin, for instance, is a diabetic and requires insulin injections. So it is particularly important that we have trained, knowledgeable people take care of our crew when we need to go out of town. That’s why we consider ourselves lucky to have found Pet and Home Care. The staff does a great job keeping all of our “needy” dogs healthy and happy every time we travel.”

-Jane Hahn from Gaitherburg, MD

“Tiffany was awesome. My dogs are usually crazy-excited when I return from a trip. This time, after Tiffany stayed with them, they were completely mellow when I got home – as if totally content. She even brushed them (probably just to make ME look bad!) And the house! The house was cleaner when I got home then when I had left. Tiffany rocks. If you need someone to care for your pets, she’s your girl!”

-Braden from Los Angeles, CA

“I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how much I rely on you, and how pleased I am with the service you and your team provide. This last trip I was away longer than I’ve ever been before (almost 2 weeks). You and your workers did such a good job taking care of my kitties! I can’t thank you enough for being so reliable, making the place presentable for my return home, leaving notes every day (I always read them all) and just generally providing the peace of mind that I need when I close the door behind me. Thank you to you and your team. You guys are great!”

–Judith from Potomac, MD

“After many years of dog/house sitters, Tiffany was by far the best ever. Ever! She left the house sparkling clean and neat, took perfect care of our dogs, and even sent us cute photos of them while we were away. She is the best! Thank you Tiffany!”

-Lisa from Los Angeles, CA

“Thanks for your loving care of Kandie!”

-Sharon and Marc from Potomac, MD

“Thank you once again for your care and kindness to Ferris. I know that he is not always that easy…but thank you for persevering and being gentle to my “little one”!”

-With much appreciation, Jacqueline from Gaitherburg, MD

“Thanks for taking such good care of Sandy!”

-Amy from Potomac, MD

“Thank you so much for donating pet sitting services to the Washington Animal Rescue League Rescue Me Gala. Your auction item helped raise almost $100,000 that night! The lives of the shelter animals are certainly enriched by your generosity.”

-Liv from Bethesda, MD

“Tiffany is a very professional person with a genuine connection with animals. She has taken care of my kitty several times and I’ve always felt safe leaving her with my baby to nurture and comfort her while I am away. She is attentive to every detail and very responsible in life as well. I’ve gotten to know her over the years too and think she’s a really good person.”

-Shauna from Santa Monica, CA

“Tiffany was awesome. My dogs are usually crazy-excited when I return from a trip. This time, after Tiffany stayed with them, they were completely mellow when I got home – as if totally content. She even brushed them (probably just to make ME look bad!) And the house! The house was cleaner when I got home then when I had left. Tiffany rocks. If you need someone to care for your pets, she’s your girl!”

-Braden from Los Angeles

“We appreciate the care of our doggies and home! Happy Holidays!”

-Fred and Vee from Potomac, MD

“Thank you for the special care you take of me. I get so excited when I hear the door open. I’m so lucky to have met so many nice people.”

-Love, Ferris (Erin’s dog) from Potomac, MD

“I have used Pet and Home Care for many years and am so grateful to have someone I trust to take care of my pets. I’m a bit of a worry-wart when it comes to my cats (probably an understatement!), but I know they are in good hands when we’re away. For many years, we had a cat that required several pills each day. Thanks to Tiffany and the other pet sitters, there was always someone available to give these life-sustaining medications. It’s also nice to know that someone can get your papers and mail if you forget to cancel them. Pet and Home Care gives me the peace of mind of knowing that, while I’m away, things are okay at home.”

-Jill from Potomac, MD

“Since moving to Potomac 4 years ago, Tiffany and her friends have taken wonderful care of my dogs lovingly as if they are their own. She has been so very dependable, and always willing to work with you to find a solution to dog and house sitting plans especially in emergencies. One of the first times Tiffany stayed at our house for overnights, I had to go on an overseas business trip. That morning our new rescue dog became very sick so I took her to the emergency vet at the big barn. I called Tiffany and she stepped right in and assured me that everything was going to be fine and she would bring the dog home and care for her after she had to stay in the hospital for 3 days. When I got home, she was right. Everyone was fine and our new little rescue dog was all well. On another occasion more recently this past winter, we were out of town and our oil tank went dry. Tiffany’s sitter did all the right things, including call me, and between us (and 800 miles), he was able to get things up and running quickly and made sure the dogs were well cared for. I can’t say enough wonderful things about how professional, how caring and how reliable Tiffany and her crew all are. (Certainly much more so than my heating company!!) I can leave my dogs (my babies) with her and have complete confidence and peace of mind. “

–Piper from Potomac, MD

“Just wanted to thank everyone at Pet and Home Care (formally A Walk While You’re Out) for all the care you have given to my precious golden retrievers over the years. When my older golden Beau needed a visit on short notice and possibly several times a day, you could always arrange it whenever I called, with tender and gentle care. Now with my high energy golden puppy of 16 months named Murphy, you offer not only walks, but have doggie day care complete with transportation! This has been a real blessing since I fractured my right elbow in February and am unable walk him for a few more weeks. I really appreciate your flexibility on days, times, and types of service! I look forward to trying out your newly expanded services in the future. Thanks again for everything. You all are the very best!!!”

-Judi from Potomac, MD

“Thanks for the consistently reliable care you have given Mac over the past several years.”

-Janette from Potomac, MD

“After many years of dog/house sitters, Tiffany was by far the best ever. Ever! She left the house sparkling clean and neat, took perfect care of our dogs, and even sent us cute photos of them while we were away. She is the best! Thank you Tiffany!”

-Lisa from Los Angeles, CA

“I want to thank you so much for the outstanding care you gave to my old, challenged, geriatric “friend”, Mikey. As you know, I was very nervous and reluctant about leaving her since she has many special needs at age 16 ½. The special care you gave her was truly heart warming. The first time I saw you with her I knew that you had a special way and a true love of animals that cannot be “put on”. You were so gentle, kind and patient with her – and she immediately responded to you as a result. Finding an agency that can provide professionals with your level of experience, expertise and ability is truly a God send to anyone that needs not only dog sitting services, but dog sitting services for a special-needs pet. Your agency certainly screened my needs well enough to match me with YOU!! How lucky could I get??!! You have a remarkable gift with animals. Additionally, you have helped with regulating and changing her diet to make her – and me (!) – more comfortable. I will be forever grateful for your great advice and for the wisdom you exhibited in making things better for the both of us!! Thanks for being my dog sitter- I can never thank you enough!! Please feel free to use me as a reference at any time. It would be my pleasure.”

-Trish from Germantown, MD

“Dear Pet and Home Care:

Thank you all so much for wonderful care of Lucky and Shorty for our 3 weeks away. They were as healthy and happy as they are regularly at home. And the flowers and potted plants on the patio looked great. We also liked reading the daily reports. They show a good understanding of animals.

We highly recommend your service and will certainly ask you to help us again next time.”

-Cecelia and Doug from Rockville, MD

“This spring we decided to get a new chocolate Labrador puppy (we have 2 adults) and we needed to find a good place for him to spend his days while we were at work. We are very involved doggie parents when it comes to the care of our dogs, so we did a great deal of research to find the right place for the new puppy. We finally settled on Pet and Home Care Doggie Daycare in Clarksburg.

Chance, our puppy now 4 months old, has been going to Pet and Home Care since he came home from the breeder. He spends all week in the care of the most wonderful staff and he adores them all! He looks forward to going to daycare and comes home exhausted, socialized and very happy. We do not worry one minute about our puppy when placed in their care and feel so much better knowing he is not home locked in his crate all day. He is outside playing with his friends.

There is not a better daycare in Montgomery County. You will find fancier places, but dogs do not care about fancy, they want plenty of time outdoors in the fresh air, a warm bed for a nap and good doggie friends. And of course, a loving staff to watch over them. You will find it all at Pet and Home Care. We cannot recommend them enough.”

-Vicki and Bob from Clarksburg, MD

“Please thank all the folks who took such good care of my kitties.”

-Shoba from Rockville, MD

“We have been using Tiffany’s services for the past 11 years and think they are great. We have used them for both mid-day dog walking and for overnight pet sitting in our home. We know our dogs will be well-taken care of and happy. And when we come home, there’s always a note letting us know how the visit went. I would recommend them to anyone.”

-Jodi from Rockville, MD

“I wanted to send you a note to thank you for taking such wonderful care of our two cats, Carly and Hobbs. This was the first time we have used a pet sitting service and we could not have been more pleased. The cats seemed so content when we arrived home. It really puts my mind at ease to know we have someone we can rely on when we need to leave our cats and home. THANK YOU for delivering not only what you promised but an even better experience than expected.”

– Erika Van Woerkom from Rockville, MD

Home Care Testimonials

“We switched from a national home cleaning company to Pet and Home Care two months ago and have been amazed at how much cleaner our home is now. The floors shine, the kitchen and baths sparkle, and special cleaning projects are tackled quickly and efficiently.”

-JJ MacNabm from Bethesda, MD

“I have had staff water our exterior plants when we were away and everything looked great when we returned.”

-Brooks Family from Rockville, MD

“Home cleaning is fabulous!”

-Denise from Potomac, MD

“I am currently using the Home Cleaning service and I don’t know what I would do without Herminia’s wonderful work.”

-Sharon from Potomac, MD

“Yes, your home cleaning is wonderful!”

-Erica from Gaithersburg, MD

Grooming Testimonials

EXCELLENT HAIR CUT AND GROOMING!! Wow, Sly looks great and that is the best haircut we have ever seen.

Thank you so much for ‘SQUEEZING’ in the grooming. I understand that it was a tight schedule for you and that you went out of your way to make it happen. I deeply appreciate it and look forward to using your service again.

– AJ Wasserman