Meet our award-winning staff of pet sitters!

2019 is a very special year for us as it’s our 20th anniversary for delivering the highest quality pet care in Maryland and D.C. I am incredibly proud of our stellar team members, who work night and day to make certain each client gets the best care possible. It is my honor to announce that for the first time in PHC’s history, we now offer healthcare benefits to all of our employees! I believe the strength of a great company comes from its staff and core values.

We appreciate the profound trust you place in the Pet and Home Care team whenever you book service with us. After all, it’s our team that looks after your pets when you can’t and cares for your home while you are away.  It’s our goal to continue earning your trust for life so that you can be confident and comfortable with our service. That’s why each member of our dependable and trustworthy team is carefully selected and trained to ensure they are sincerely dedicated and capable of providing you, your pets and your home with the highest level of service possible.

For your peace of mind, each member of our staff is hired as an employee, must pass a rigorous, nationwide, county-level professional background check to verify that they are credible, honest and upstanding. All sitters are also bonded and insured through Pet and Home Care for your protection.

Of course, the common thread between us all is our deep love and reverence for animals and our eagerness to provide outstanding customer service.




President & CEO:



A vigorous passion for animals led Pet and Home Care Founder and Owner Tiffany Lewis to launch a pet sitting business in 1999 at the young age of 17. Over 20 years later, Pet and Home Care has evolved into a company that services over 125 customers a day and is rapidly expanding. Tiffany takes a great sense of pride in knowing that Pet and Home Care has held the Angie’s List Super Service Award for eight years for services throughout Maryland and Washington D.C. Tiffany says that her favorite part of being a momtrepreneur is “Providing much-needed services to our customers and knowing that the animals are receiving great care. I love providing affectionate care to the animals and helping our employees grow.” Tiffany has been around animals since birth and has professionally cared for thousands more including reptiles, horses, and goats. In April 2018, Tiffany welcomed a healthy and active baby boy named Everett. He already adores animals and always tries to pet their seven-year-old Shih Tzu Millie. Everett says he looks forward to running the business one day! Tiffany’s favorite activities include; hiking, yoga, cooking, attending cooking classes, caring for Everett, reading, and anything related to the growth and betterment of her business. A fun fact about Tiffany is that she used to want to be a veterinarian. As a teenager, she realized that she could not handle performing surgeries or euthanasia. Tiffany got into pet sitting and found it more rewarding because the animals are always happy to see you, unlike at the vet where they tend to cower. This led to a high school business that transitioned into a life-long career!








Kevin has been the Pet Resort manager and team leader since January 2010 holding years of prior pet care experience. He, along with his team at our wonderful Pet Resort, provides an exceptional level of love, care, and fun for the animals that board and attend daycare. We receive countless testimonials from our valued clients explaining how their dogs sit anxiously by the window in the morning, waiting for the familiar white van to pull up. Then they sprint towards Kevin and shower him with hugs and kisses knowing that great fun lies ahead at our Pet Resort. Kevin’s love for animals and for his stepdaughter Tiffany (Pet and Home Care Founder/Owner) made his transition from the real estate industry to the pet care business an easy one. Kevin is known to be the leader of his pack and the dogs he cares for both adore and respect him. He has several animals at home including; a Jack Russell named Hunter, a cat named Ke Ke, and various aquarium dwellers. Kevin, along with his wife and son, have made their 50-acre farm home to pygmy goats, alpacas, chickens and the like, most of whom were adopted to have a better life. In his free time, Kevin is an avid sportsman, conservationist, and wildlife manager. A fun fact about Kevin includes; continually undergoing habitat improvement projects and cultivating both annual and perennial food plots to benefit whitetail deer, wild turkeys, and numerous other species of wildlife that reside on his property. In case it wasn’t clear to you yet, Kevin is a genuine animal lover.




Kira has been in management at Pet and Home Care since February 2015, and as of February 2020 is the Director of Operations. She possesses an exceptional eye for detail and displays exemplary dedication to our clients and their pets, and the entire Pet and Home Care team. Kira’s role includes wearing several other hats daily to ensure that Pet and Home Care continues to always run smoothly. She helps with many of the operational duties, in-home visits, overnight visits, and works at our doggy daycare and boarding resort. Kira loves caring for and spending time with the many animals she meets. Her professional experience expands over seven years starting in college caring for small animals such as guinea pigs, rats, mice, finches, frogs, turtles, and rabbits. Kira grew up with many dogs and small pets like fish, hamsters, and helping with her friend’s iguanas. She also had opportunities to learn obedience training and attend many dog shows and training seminars with her father. Since working with Pet and Home Care, she has been able to expand her knowledge and skill working with cats, seahorses, snakes, and tropical fish. She is interested in learning about all animals and continues to attend seminars on pet care anytime they are available. Some of Kira’s favorite activities outside of work include cooking, baking, quilting, and listening to audiobooks. A fun fact about Kira is that she likes to participate in local 5K races!





Maiya joined the pet sitting team in February 2018, became an executive assistant in October 2018, and became the manager in February 2020. Maiya confidently assists our CEO Tiffany and our office staff with various tasks and pet visits. She proudly boasts, “the best part of my job is having the ability to help my colleagues and care for pets at the same time!” Maiya holds more than 13 years of prior personal pet care experience and has had the opportunity to care for various animals including; fish, birds, guinea pigs, hamsters, ferrets, turtles, cats, and dogs. Maiya has always had a love for animals, especially big dogs! Currently having no pets of her own, she enjoys visiting her sweet nephew Bodhi (pictured) a couple of times a week for playtime! In her time away from work, Maiya is in college for nursing, she enjoys traveling, exploring new cuisine, reading, writing, and spending time with family. A fun fact about Maiya is that she has a photographic memory! She believes having this ability helps her tremendously throughout her schooling and everyday life.





Pet Resort Team:



Caitlyn is a new member of the Pet Resort team as of December 2018 and has over 13 years of animal care experience. At the Pet Resort, she helps look after and care for the dogs that come in for doggy daycare and boarding. Her favorite part of caring for dogs at the resort is getting to know the dogs’ personalities and playing with them in the yard. Caitlyn has cared for horses for over seven years and has been a pet sitter for over six years, caring for dogs and cats of all ages and sizes. Currently, she is enrolled in graduate school at Hood College and is a therapist in training studying clinical mental health counseling. She has one dog of her own, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, and mostly has experience with dog, cat, and horse care. In her free time, Caitlyn loves to bake and go hiking.








Caroline has been with Pet and Home Care’s Pet Resort team since August 2017 and enjoys the luxury of working and playing with dogs! She has had the opportunity of being around animals ranging from fish to dogs for most of her life. Caroline has always wanted to work with animals for as long as she could remember. Coming to work at Pet and Home Care makes that dream come true! When Caroline is not pet sitting or playing with pups at the resort, you can find her hanging out with friends, refining her artistic skills, or hanging out with her own dog Stella! When asked what she loves about Pet and Home Care, Caroline says proudly, “I love how we treat all our clients’ pets like our own!”









Josh joined the pet resort team in September 2019 having over two decades of pet care experience. His favorite part of the job is being able to hang out with dogs all day! He makes sure the dogs who come to the resort are fed, given plenty of water, and ensures they are all happy and healthy. Josh has spent most of his life around animals. He even volunteered at The Humane Society in Japan for a year while serving in the military. He has recently graduated from massage therapy school and eventually would like to pursue animal massage! Josh currently lives with his cat but has previously owned rats and snakes. He also has experience with parrots, sugar gliders, and some other small mammals. Josh loves science, playing tabletop video games in his free time, and he is a nap fiend who loves southern style chicken and dumplings!









Mary joined our team in December 2018 and has prior experience caring for pets since childhood. When asked about her favorite part of being a pet sitter, she says, “As a professional pet sitter, I get the privilege of taking care of your beloved pets. Spending my day making sure your furry friends are happy and healthy is a dream job if there ever was one!” Mary has cared for pets of all sizes ranging from Chihuahuas, Greater Swiss Mountain dogs, cats, hamsters, guinea pigs, and many more. Mary grew up with cats, dogs, birds, small animals, and she currently has a beautiful senior tuxedo cat named Maggie. She has been caring for animals since she was a kid, but only started professionally caring for animals in the last couple of years. In her spare time, Mary enjoys hiking, drawing, and playing music with her band. She is a professional musician in the DMV and is currently working on her bachelor’s degree in vocal performance.







Pet Sitting Team:




Aari joined our pet sitting team in October 2019 having eight years of prior pet care experience. He cares for a variety of animals including dogs and cats whose parents are away or who need special help, all over the DC-metro area. Aari’s favorite part of this job is making new animal friends! He has held careers in customer service, the cosmetics industry, and as an artist in addition to pursuing a degree in communications. Aari has maintained a loyal, independent pet sitting client base throughout all of his pursuits over the years! He currently has one cat now, but grew up with a dog and has cared for a bearded dragon as well. Aari is a craftsman and artist in his free time. He primarily works with glass and wood, but loves to experiment with anything from art to cooking to singing!









Abby joined our pet sitting team in March 2020 having about 15 years of pet care experience. Her favorite part about pet care is walking and playing with the dogs and cats she meets. Abby runs a horse boarding operation where she makes sure horses get adequate turnout, feeding, water, and hay. She also has experience administering supplements and medications, and handling horses in a way that keeps them calm, safe, and safe to handle. Abby has two dogs and one horse and has cared for and adopted outdoor cats as well. She has experience with dogs, cats, goats, and parrots. In her free time, Abby enjoys studying unique and advanced French classical horse training methods and watching movies!









Amber joined our pet sitting team in August 2019 having experience caring for all types of animals her entire life. Her favorite part about her job is that she gets to be a “fairy dog mother” to more than just dogs. Amber loves meeting several animals daily and spoiling them. She says this is the best part of her day because it is almost like having all of the animals she has ever dreamed of, without it being too cramped! Amber has been “dog crazy” since she was about three years old with her first dog, and she has not been able to slow down since! She has been certified through UC Davis as a “Pet Expert” and is certified in animal health and nutrition for dogs, cats, avians, small mammals, fish, herptiles, and reptiles. Amber has previous experience riding western horses and has received several certificates through Girl Scouts and 4H. Her passion is to become a Master Dog Trainer which has been fueled by having the opportunity to train a multipurpose Service Dog for the past two years. Amber hopes to intern soon and is excited to finish her education at HighLand K9. She currently has two very spoiled Guinea Pigs, and she shares a Maltipoo and Coton de Tulear with her boyfriend, and a German Shepherd Service Dog with her friend. Amber’s favorite hobbies include sewing, larping, cosplay, dog training, mermaiding, going on adventures, spending time with family, and spoiling all of her animals. She says “no pet is too big or too small, I love dogs of all sizes and personalities!”






Amy joined our pet sitting team in December 2019 with life experience being around and caring for animals. She loves all pets and enjoys taking care of animals when their owners are away. Amy’s favorite part of the job is meeting the animals and establishing a bond with them. She loves being able to always care for new pets and have something new to do every day. Amy is currently in school at Montgomery College and owns a rabbit and a dog. She has had cats in the past, along with hamsters, fish, birds, and other rabbits. Amy has cared for pets in the past for various family and friends. Currently, she dog sits for a family with two American Hairless Terriers and assists with their health needs including testing blood sugar levels, administering insulin and allergy shots, and dispensing pills every morning. In her free time, Amy loves to run, hike, play soccer, paint, and work out at the gym.









Darlene joined our pet sitting team in September 2019 having over 45 years of prior pet care experience! She cares for your dogs, cats, birds, etc. when you are unable to and loves animals so taking care of pets is the perfect fit for her! Darlene has had animals her entire life including a paint pony in high school. In her twenties, she began taking lessons in dressage. She has previously had a trail horse, an Arabian horse, a jumper horse, and a solid 3 level dressage horse that also had some 4th level movements. Darlene says that she was fortunate to have had a very good jumper who would often get first place at shows in Colorado. She has taken her horse and camped out in the Uncompahgre National Forest and has trailered her horse from Colorado to California. In California, she trained with a Grand Prix Dressage trainer/judge and rode 5-6 days a week. Darlene knows how to bandage, give shots, deworm, medicate, and tend to colicky horses. She currently has two cats and previously had a Samoyed. Darlene’s favorite hobbies include hiking, sailing, snow skiing, cross country skiing, running, and working out at the gym with her trainer!







Erica has been with Pet and Home Care since April 2017 having prior pet care experience. She prides herself on caring for other people’s fur babies! Erica says, “I love giving my clients’ pets some love and attention while their people are away, I so often feel guilty when I have to leave!” She has been caring for animals since she was old enough to walk, and currently has a golden retriever named Harper. Her family would always have dogs in the home growing up, and she often cared for her neighbors’ pets as well. Erica also spent some time in high school interning at her family’s vet office. In her free time, Erica enjoys cooking, reading, gardening, and spending as much time as possible with her dog!









Ingrid joined our pet sitting team in November 2019 having life experience with various animals. Her favorite part of the job is interacting with the animals, taking dogs on daily walks, and looking after pets while their parents are away. Ingrid worked for about five years as a dog obedience instructor specializing in rescue dogs and puppies. She has volunteered with the Humane Society at adoption events, fostering, and house checks. Ingrid has experience pet sitting for several friends and colleagues and also has experience administering shots to diabetic cats. In addition to caring for pets with PHC, she works part-time as a horseback riding instructor. Here, she interacts with clients and manages the horses’ food/medication schedules among other things. Ingrid currently has five cats, one of which is a foster, and a horse of her own. In her free time, she loves to travel, read, and ski. Ingrid may be petite, but do not underestimate her. She wrangles 1,000-pound horses daily!








Jana joined our pet sitting team in May 2016 and her responsibilities include walking/in-home visits, overnight sitting, and being a part of the resort staff. When asked about her favorite part of her job, Jana confidently states “I love caring for senior dogs, they make my days so special! Being part of an animal’s care team is rewarding.” She believes that the best advertisement for her service is her compassionate care of your pet. Jana has been caring for animals her entire life. Her experience includes her senior dog Keno, other dogs, cats, guinea pigs, and bunnies. In her free time, Jana enjoys taking photos for social media, live music, and cooking. She is also a sushi fanatic, holds a B.S. in Kinesiology from Temple University, and has traveled to Peru, Mexico, and Canada!









Jean has been a part of our pet sitting team since December 2017. Her responsibilities include anything from checking up on the cats, walking your dog(s), or keeping your pet company overnight. Jean says her favorite part of the job is “the opportunity to care for all different types of animals, caring for other people’s pet is more fun than it is work.” She is an avid animal lover with vast experience caring for pets including her own. Her experience started in 2006 caring for her own hamsters and guinea pig, in 2007 she started caring for her neighbors’ cats and dogs. Jean currently has 3 dogs, 5 rabbits, and 2 rats, and is enrolled in school. She graduated from Montgomery College in May 2017 and enrolled at UMBC in the fall of 2017. Jean is currently double majoring in Philosophy and Political Science in hopes to attend Georgetown University Law School. In her free time, some of her favorite activities include baking, traveling, and going on new adventures!









Jennifer has been a member of our pet sitting team since February 2014 and has lots of prior pet care experience. When asked about what she loves about pet sitting, Jennifer says; “I enjoy having pets treat me like their favorite aunt. What I like best are those occasions when clients tell me they had complete peace of mind on their trip knowing that their pet was in good hands getting great care.” Taking candid photos of your pet to send with her updates is another part of her job that she enjoys. Jennifer’s pet care experience includes working with PHC for over five years and watching neighbors’ and friends’ pets since middle school. Currently having no pets, she enjoys loving and caring for your pets as if they were her own. Jennifer’s exceptional attention to detail and analytical skills on the job were easily translated from previously working as a research analyst. In her free time, she likes learning new things, reading for pleasure, art, and being outdoors. Jennifer adds, “At this point in my job, I feel that I can safely say there is always something new to learn and the job is never boring!”








Justin joined our pet sitting team in March 2020 having life experience caring for animals. His job includes walking dogs, looking after cats, and any other pet care related tasks such as ensuring that your pets receive any care and attention they may need. Justin has been working with animals his entire life, but professionally about 16 years. He has experience caring for dogs and cats while their owners travel, and experience working for high volume dog walking services, a pet daycare, and a boarding facility. Justin currently has three cats and a dog, and his roommates have a cat, a hamster, and previously had a frog. In his free time, Justin enjoys reading a good book and going for walks!










Kathy joined our pet sitting team in March 2011 and takes care of your pets when you are away, or even when you are home. Kathy exclaims, “My favorite part of my job is that I get to be outside in the nice weather getting exercise!” After years of administrative office work, Kathy decided she needed a change and found Pet and Home Care. She truly loves what she does and states, “It is always a pleasure to see how excited the animals are when I arrive, I always look forward to seeing them again!” Kathy does not have any pets of her own currently but hopes to have some again in the future. She has been caring for animals since she was a kid, assisting neighbors and relatives with their pets when they would go away. Kathy says, “in my time with Pet and Home Care, my experience has expanded beyond cats and dogs and now includes; birds, fish, hamsters, bearded dragons, salamanders, and gerbils!” In her free time, Kathy likes to listen to music, go to concerts, walk, read, watch tv/movies, and go to dinner with friends!







Katie has been a pet sitter for Pet and Home Care since November 2016 having a background in cat care experience. She cares for all pets and also house sits which includes walking, feeding, administering medication (if needed), watering plants, and more! Katie’s favorite part of working with PHC is being able to spend time with the animals. She graduated from the University of Maryland in December 2018 and currently works in residential rehabilitation, but still enjoys pet sitting whenever she can. Katie currently has three cats and says her family always had cats around growing up. She also has owned and has experience with fish, gerbils, and a gecko. Katie used to be a diver and now one of her favorite things to do in her free time is coach diving.









Kimberlee joined our pet sitting team in March 2020 having over 20 years of pet care experience. Her favorite part about pet care is being able to care for various pets and walking dogs during the day. Kimberlee has experience working for a Standard Poodle breeder where she bathed, trained, and helped manage nutrition for the animals. She also has prior pet sitting and dog walking experience, experience with tarantulas and small pets, and owned a 95 pound German Shepherd for 12 years. In her free time, Kimberlee likes to read, hike, and go kayaking!










Kimberley has been with Pet and Home Care since August 2016. Her responsibilities include caring for animals in their home environment making sure they are happy, as well as making sure the home is safe and clean. Kimberley holds a lengthy background in the medical field. Having this experience enables her to administer care of bandages and medications by mouth or injection as part of pet care services. Kimberley has been caring for animals all her life and currently has two labs, three tabby cats, and two fish. She grew up with pet rats, ferrets, and a chinchilla. Some of Kimberley’s favorite things to do in her free time are road trips to historical places and outdoor activity in all four seasons!









Louisa joined the Pet and Home Care team in July 2019 and has spent her whole life around animals! She loves having the opportunity to walk dogs and play with kittens, rabbits and many other kinds of pets and get paid for it too! Louisa has had the privilege of doing many things in her life. She says the most exciting thing she has done was being a train hostess in Sweden, where she got to meet a few famous people who turned out to be very nice. Louisa has always been surrounded by one animal or another. She even recalls being a small baby and having a German Shepherd watch over her like a well-trained babysitter! When Louisa was a tween, she bottle-fed a young lamb every day for two weeks. She prides herself on having experience caring for and rescuing hurt birds, rabbits, squirrels and more. Some of Louisa’s favorite hobbies include woodworking, building things, outdoors and camping. She considers it a privilege to care for pets and hopes to be doing this until the day she retires!









Michele has been taking your pup for walks and giving lots of love to all pets in her care with our pet sitting team since March 2010. Michele’s favorite part of her job is the animals’ excitement when they see her come over again for playtime! After demonstrating an exceptional standard of care at the Pet Resort, Michele’s love and care for animals were eventually needed in our in-home pet care services. She enjoys the daily walks with the dogs and her favorite breeds are labs and greyhounds. Michele has been caring for animals for over nine years with Pet and Home Care and has experience walking neighborhood dogs as a teen. She currently has a one-year-old family yellow lab named Buster. A couple of Michele’s favorite hobbies include walking outdoors and cross-stitching reading. Most of all, she just loves being with animals and enjoys all of her visits!









Rachel has been providing pet and home care services with Pet and Home Care since April 2019. Services with her include dog walks, cat visits, overnight care, light home care tasks, and of course caring for the animals! Rachel has several previous years of experience in pet care. She has worked at Camp Bow Wow as a doggy daycare counselor, at Passionate Paws and Claws as a groomer, and more recently at Olde Towne Pet Resort as a supervisor. Rachel has also spent time volunteering at animal shelters and landing pet sitting jobs through She has two dogs, a Cavalier and a Staffordshire Terrier, and she also has experience owning guinea pigs and bearded dragons. In her free time, Rachel enjoys going to the movies, attending concerts and shows, and spending time with her dogs!









Rhonda has been a pet sitter with Pet and Home Care for over nine years beginning in December 2009. She has had a passion and love for animals since she was a toddler. Rhonda has always had animals of her own and simultaneously works as a full-time veterinary technician for 10-plus years as well. She is comfortable with caring for young and old animals such as dogs, cats, birds, fish… you name it! No matter the species or breed, Rhonda accepts and loves them all. She is beyond comfortable with administering medication, insulin, subcutaneous fluids, and anything else your pet may require. Animals and their innocence and unconditional love are what keep her sane!









Sarah joined the Pet and Home Care team in July 2019 as a pet sitter. She cares for all types of pets, mostly dogs and cats. Sarah loves hanging out and playing with them, but her responsibilities also include feeding, walks, and administering medications if necessary. Her favorite part of her job is meeting new dog breeds – there are so many out there! Sarah graduated cum laude from the University of Maryland College Park with a BS degree in Psychology and Criminology/Criminal Justice in 2018. She is currently looking forward to graduate school where she plans to earn a Masters in Counseling/Social Work. Sarah currently has a dog named Tasha who is a Chihuahua/Pekingese mix from Puerto Rico. She has had at least one dog in her family for the past 11 years, owned a rat for two years in college, and has cared for bunnies, and a tortoise once! Sarah’s favorite hobbies include portrait photography, playing piano, and organizing closets. She is always interested in learning more about animal care, and her favorite breed is a Newfoundland!







Stephanie began working with Pet and Home Care in March 2012, having 16 years of prior pet care experience. She enjoys getting to care for various animals by feeding, walking, playing, and administering medication or insulin shots. In high school, Stephanie worked for a horse rescue, then she started working with Pet and Home Care while she was in college. She currently volunteers for Love A Cat Rescue where she plays with the cats, feeds them, and cleans the cages. Stephanie is also the Equine Assistant Therapist, EAGALA intern for Horses Help Heroes, where she incorporates horses and farm animals in therapy sessions for veterans and their families. At 12 years old, she became her neighborhood pet sitter and continued to care for people’s pets over the past 16 years. Stephanie currently has one Silver Classic Tabby cat named Chloe and growing up she had dogs and cats. Her favorite breeds are Labradors and Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. In her free time she enjoys horseback riding, photography, and one of her all-time favorite activities was taking her Chocolate Lab on day trips hiking or to the beach!